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Comprehensive Training: Intensive 120 hour TEFL / TESOL Certification Program

TEFL Course ThailandIt’s no secret that Entrust TEFL courses are the most inclusive and highest value for your money in Thailand. Our courses take the guess work out of where to stay, how to keep busy, what to do when you are not in class and where you can go with your certificate after graduation. We have successfully been training and placing Native English Teachers in Thailand since inception in 2004. From humble beginnings in Irvine California to Bangkok, Thailand. Entrust TEFL has grown to be one of the most reputed Teacher training organizations in Thailand.

Through our over 10 years of experience in teacher training and our successful placement of over 3000 Entrust TEFL graduates in teaching positions nationwide we have created packages to make the whole process easier. Included in the course fee are many benefits other TEFL / TESOL companies don’t give you, such as a resort accommodation during your training, a Thai Bank account, medical, Thai culture trips, Jungle trekking excursions, daily meals and much more already included in the enrollment fee, which makes us the best TEFL Deal in Thailand.

Whether you are coming to Thailand to experience a gap year, go on a working holiday, become a lifelong traveling teacher, need a break from your career or you just need a change of pace becoming a TEFL teacher is a fantastic way to do so. Sign up for a TEFL course today to change your life.

Benefits & Pricing

What Is Included:
  • International TEFL AccreditationOur TEFL certificate and curriculum are indeed recognized by International employers as we currently have over 2000 Entrust TEFL Graduates working in teaching jobs worldwide.
  • Online ResourcesOur students are given Thousands of online resources to aid them in creating awesome lesson plans both in our training classes and to use for life time during their teaching career.
  • In Class TrainingOur modern four story training facility caters to both intensive teacher training and interactive learning media to find that perfect balance in the classroom. You will both be intrigued and entertained throughout the course having plenty of room to grow as teachers.
  • Online TrainingStart your course online from home, then join us here for your practical training
  • In Country Set upIncludes Bank account, Sim Card, Medical, etc.
  • Job GuaranteeGuaranteed job for Native English Speakers holding a degree in any field.
  • Thai Bank AccountFree Thai bank account in your name, with Visa Debit/ATM Card, and online banking to be used worldwide.
  • Teachers PackIncludes the essentals you will need during the course, such as whiteboard markers, Pens, Notebook, school bag and much more
  • Visa SupportVisa support provided to obtain either your Tourist or Non-Immigrant visa proper to arrival.
  • Airport Pick UpOne of our staff will be waiting at the airport to greet you and take you to the resort.
  • Real Teaching PracticeTHREE solid days of teaching practice in real schools to real students to gain your confidence under the supervision of our seasoned teacher trainers.
  • Resort AccommodationResort Accommodation during the training to help you relax by the pool on the weekends
  • Jungle ExcursionsElephant trekking, White water rafting, waterfall hikes, butterfly/ orchid farm, local markets and so much more..
  • Thai Immersion TripsVisit Hilltribe village, see longneck museum, traverse a waterfall, walk through the royal queens gardens and visit the most sacred Buddhist temple of the North to get blessed by the monks.
  • Enrollment Fee

What Is Included:

  • 120 Hours
  • Access
  • 21 Days
  • $ 1,685.00

What Is Included:

  • 80 Hours
  • 40 Hours
  • 14 Days
  • $ 1,385.00

What Is Included:

  • 120 Hours
  • $ 1,185.00

What Is Included:

  • 120 Hours
  • Placement assistance in China and South Korea
  • Placement assistance in China and South Korea
  • Placement assistance in China and South Korea
  • Placement assistance in China and South Korea
  • Placement assistance in China and South Korea
  • $ 375.00

    Placement assistance in China and South Korea

THIS APRIL 2014!!!

This April we’re going ALL OUT for the Songkran Festivities!

Splashout-CleanThis April 2014 we’ll be hosting an Entrust TEFL Amazing Race Competition. Race against the clock and your new found friends for a grand prize. You’ll get to see the different parts of Chiang Mai by following a series of clues and drawing from your fresh knowledge of Chiang Mai history. The city is ancient, the amenities are modern and the people are friendly, what’s not to love about racing your friends through a series of language, cultural and physical obstacles to get to a grand prize at the end? You’ll get to know some language, meet some locals and experience some fine dining (wink) on the way. – More to come.


Online Synergy

Coupled with well rounded, comprehensive in class training Entrust TEFL operates an online training program – Globe TEFL – GlobeTEFL.com hosts a range of online TEFL programs that combine easy, hassle free online training with our in class training. Now you can get peer reviewed, submit assignments online and create your first term plan all from the comfort of your home. Being operated by Entrust TEFL means that your TEFL certification on Globe TEFL holds the same accreditation and weight as one of our 100% in class TEFL courses offered in Thailand. Combine your online TEFL / TESOL training with actual teaching experience in a real ESL classroom in Thailand.

Cultural Immersion

Your trip to Thailand does not end in an Entrust TEFL classroom. We’ll make sure that you enjoy your training experience from the moment you get collected at the airport. Our team will take you to famous land marks in Thailand, you’ll go on elephant trekking adventures, and do some white water rafting. Your culturally orientated welcome dinner for the Premium Course means that you are immersed into the Thai culture from the first day of training. Understanding other cultures is a vital part of being a successful ESL teacher as you understand different mind sets, paradigms and learning processes.Thorough cultural understanding translates into better classroom management and results in better ESL teaching results.

Relax & Unwind

We’ve taken the guess work out of accommodation and simplified your arrival in Thailand. There is no need to be exposed to a severe culture shock right from the start. Let us book you into one of two selected accommodations. You’ll stay in either a 4 star hotel and guest house – Inspire House – or a stunning resort-style backpackers at Eco Resort Chiang Mai at either accommodation you are conveniently close to our training center and within walking distance of the most popular night life destinations.

What are the most obvious benefits of doing an Entrust TEFL Course in Thailand?


1. You receive an internationally recognized and fully compliant intensive 120 hour TEFL / TESOL certificate.
2. Your course accommodation and many amenities are included in your Training Course.
3. Guaranteed placement for Native English Speakers with university degrees in ANY field.
4. Thai immersion trips are included you to get started with Thai food, temples and all things Thai.
5. An instant groups of friends an experienced friendly staff to hang out with, with lots of dinners and BBQs/Braais.
6. Jungle Excursions with white water rafting, elephant trekking, tropical water falls and an unforgettable experience.
7. Teaching practice to real Thai students in real schools to build your confidence.
8. Well rounded quality teacher training in modern building that will engage and challenge you!
9. The absolute most fun you will ever have during the training and make lifelong friends
10.Money back Guarantee on all our programs

International Recognition - ASEAN ReadyGet with a TEFL program that is what it says it is. Entrust TEFL students are teaching English all over the world. Most of our placements take place in Thailand but Entrust TEFL teachers are teaching in the UAE, South Africa, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Korea, China and Vietnam.

Join an Entrust TEFL or Globe TEFL program today to be sure that you are in good hands, and that you’re getting quality training. With the advent of our Online TEFL Program through our Globe TEFL platform we are able to provide you with training and feedback right from the comfort of your own home. Now you can take advantage of the partnerships that we foster from anywhere. Moreover, we are gearing all our students up for ASEAN.

A simple fact of life is that the face of South East Asia will change dramatically in 2015. Asia is gearing up for the start of the Association of South East Asian Nations, the predominant language of commerce will be English and that means that all of the 10 participating nations will need to seriously ramp up their overall English proficiency. Asia is going international and they need your help. The best way to help them? Get a TEFL certificate that really prepares you for the ESL class room and get teaching!

TEFL / TESOL Courses in Thailand just got a revamp.

Entrust TEFL is on the cutting edge of TEFL / TESOL courses. We cover all the bases.

Theory | Peer to Peer Teaching | Assignments | Teach Thai Students

Read the Entrust TEFL course outline below for a full overview of what you’ll be learning whilst sitting in our class.Download Our Course Outline (PDF)

Unit 1: Introduction & Orientation

Introduction and Orientation

Within the Introduction and orientation unit provides you with essential information on teacher edict, teaching environments and what is expected during the course.

Unit 2: Thai Culture

Thai Culture

Within the EFL setting, culture plays a major role. In order to have well integrated teachers; a thorough understanding of Thai culture is essential. In this unit we focus on topics such as language, religion, societal values, cultural norms and general business practices.

Unit 3: Brief History of English

Brief history of English

English has an extremely complicate system of rules and exceptions for its syntax. Part of the complexity arises from the history of English itself. A general understanding of why the language operates the way it does is essential.

Unit 4: Teaching Methods

Teaching Methods

Researchers have been trying to find the golden method of language learning for a very long time now. This unit will take a look at some of the insights gained from applied linguistic research with regards to learning a foreign language.

Unit 5: Classroom Management

Classroom Management

Regulating and managing student behavior is at the forefront of any teachers’ job description. Without successful managerial skills, any and all hindrances to teaching are multiplied significantly. As such, we place great importance on the ability to successful control student behavior.

Unit 6: Learner Motivation

Learner Motivation

Regulating and managing student behavior is at the forefront of any teachers’ job description. Without successful managerial skills, any and all hindrances to teaching are multiplied significantly. As such, we place great importance on the ability to successful control student behavior.

Unit 7: How Students Learn

How Students Learn

There are many different ways of teaching, and each teacher brings his/her own personality to the classroom, further adding to the different styles. However, in order to be an effective teacher; one needs to have an understanding of how students learn. This chapter will take a look at some Second Language Acquisition theories, different learning styles and how multiple intelligences influences the way learners interact with and process information.

Unit 8: Young Learners

Young Learners

This chapter is also dedicated to increasing the efficiency of your teaching large differences in learning styles can be found between young children and teenagers, or between beginners and advanced students. This chapter will reveal key differences in students, and illustrate ways of making adjustments with regards to those varying student preferences.

Unit 9: Elicitation & Error Correction

Elicitation and Error Correction

Following the trend of the previous chapters, keeping students motivated, and tailoring your presentation to suit their learning styles, instruction on when and how errors are to be corrected is crucial. Overtly correcting may inhibit students to try, while too lax an attitude may confuse and disorient.

Unit 10: Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching Vocabulary

When teaching a foreign language, much time will have to be spent on teaching new vocabulary items to your students. This chapter will cover different ways of teaching vocabulary, strategies for selecting appropriate words to teach and applicable activities to reinforce the items taught.

Unit 11: Teaching Pronunciation, Articulation and Intonation

Teaching Pronunciation, Articulation and Intonation

Pronunciation is a very sensitive but important topic, especially in the EFL setting. Theories on different methods of teaching pronunciation, as well as the reasoning behind those choices will be covered, along with a look at the basic hindrances to good pronunciation. A large portion of the chapter is also dedicated to articulation and intonation.

Unit 12: Lesson Structure

Lesson Structure

Planning and delivery of lesson content is probably what most consider as the cornerstone to TEFL / TESOL training. The chapter will focus a lot more on the practical element of presenting lessons and how to systematically deliver them. The key teaching experience of our trainers will have you prepared to speak in public like never before.

Unit 13: Teaching Grammar

Teaching Grammar

When teaching any language; knowledge of the structure of the language is essential. This chapter will dedicate some time to grammar instruction and the different ways in which grammar can be presented in the classroom.

Unit 14: Teaching Receptive Skills

Teaching Receptive Skills

A major part of language learning is learning how to read and listen. This chapter explores different reasons for reading and listening in general, the different skills we use depending on those reasons and the different ways we process information. Additionally this chapter will cover the different ways these skills can effectively be taught in the classroom.

Unit 15: Teaching Productive Skills

Teaching Productive Skills

In addition to reading and listening, mastery of speaking and writing skills are just as essential in order to be considered a successful language learner. This chapter looks at different conventions that govern these areas; such as socio-cultural rules for speech and genre interpretation for written work. Furthermore, this chapter will take a look at different ways of teaching these skills in the classroom, ranging from different types of activities to the expected roles a teacher will have to perform.



Combined with the experience and expertise of our trainers, the thoroughness of our course is a testament to the values and morals of Entrust TEFL as a company. Because of our quality we have been able to successfully train and place over 1500 students across Thailand and Asia. Our course combines all the required skills and competencies required by an EFL/ESL teacher to successfully complete their objectives, I.E. Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Why Choose a TEFL Thailand Course?

Entrust TEFL offers an array of all-inclusive Teacher Training packages in Chiang Mai Thailand. If you are interested in becoming a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language then Entrust TEFL is the place for you to be. We’re looking for all Native English graduates holding passports from the UK, Australia, New Zealand, America and Canada to join our comprehensive TEFL Courses in Thailand today to join a global Community of teachers. We are proud to have our graduates teaching in Thailand, Spain, Dubai, Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.

We’re the only company to INCLUDE your accommodation in your tuition fee. On arrival at our training Center in picturesque Chiang Mai (one of the major transportation hubs in Thailand and second largest metropolitan area) you’ll be picked up from the airport and checked into resort accommodation. Free Wi-Fi, a great 25m swimming pool, daily breakfast and 5 minutes’ walk from the training center means that you can relax while you get immersed in one of the top rated Asian tourist destinations.

15 reasons why people choose us and makes us the most popular TEFL Training Course in Thailand

FREE Resort Accommodation with a huge pool, daily western buffet and airport pick up to get you there.

FREE Awesome trips to Buddhist temples, Elephant trekking, White water rafting, Waterfall hikes, and Hill tribe villages because you would do them anyway.

FREE Essentials like a Thai Bank account, Thai SIM Card, Teaching resources, Visa support, a good group of friends to hang with and life time placement assistance.