• The Role of the Teacher in Thai culture Text

    Children spend a large part of their formative years in the hands of their teachers and even in western societies teachers are considered role models and mentors for young minds.  This is particularly true in Thailand, where great emphasis is placed on behaviour that could be considered polite, inoffensive and honourable by Thailand’s high standards. In the distant past, monks +

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    Entrust TEFL joins Royal Thai Immigration to raises awareness of Human Trafficking Video

    Human trafficking is a pressing issue the world over and particularly in Thailand, where the mistreatment of migrant labour from Myanmar and other neighbouring countries has been a long-standing problem. Entrust TEFL joined the Royal Thai Immigration Bureau on the streets of the old city in Chiang Mai to tackle this challenge through awareness raising. In attendance were local Immigration Bureau +

  • Traveling Couples Teaching Together in Thailand Text

    Spouses, partners and BFFs have found a wonderful way to travel and work in together teaching English in Thailand. The Kingdom’s 2016 Best TEFL Award winning Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program now guarantees job placement in the same school for couples who sign up together. “We have about four sets of couples come through our course every month,” said Entrust TEFL’s Placement Director Neung McNaughton. “It’s easy to find jobs for couples who want to work together in Thai schools because there are so many openings for +

  • Should You Teach in Thailand? Text

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    Ten reasons why you should say, “YES!” The Children. Plain and simple, the students are amazing in Thailand. Teachers are highly respected in Thai culture, just below Buddhist Monks. When Thai children pass you in the hallways, they stop and Wai (bow their heads with their hands pressed together in a sign of respect and honor). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the students here really want to learn English. Through teaching you immediately become aware of their humbleness and gratitude. There is no sense of entitlement among the students you +

  • Making the Most of Your Time Teaching in Thailand Text

    Teaching in Thailand can be a rewarding, life-changing experience. It can be a springboard for adventure, an opportunity to build your resume, or a place to make your stand. However, you’ll never know Thailand, much less Southeast Asia, if you stay surrounded by Western co-teachers and friends hanging out with Western tourists eating hamburgers and pizza. As James Michener once wrote, “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” In that spirit, here are some ways to +

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    Krabi’s Islands Text

    A traditional starting point and base for visitors, there’s considerably more to find around the provincial capital of Krabi than +

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    Thailand on a Plate Text

    One of everyone’s favourite parts of living in or visiting Thailand has got to be the deliciously spicy food and +