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    Online or Onsite – The Ultimate TEFL Study Question Text

    Before you undertake teaching English as a foreign language in Thailand, you need to equip yourself with a recognised qualification.  This will empower you when searching for employment, and equip you to perform at your best once you are employed. Four main certification options are available to you in this regard: The CELTA is a standardised teaching qualification TESOL/TESL offered +

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    Entrust TEFL joins Royal Thai Immigration to raises awareness of Human Trafficking Video

    Human trafficking is a pressing issue the world over and particularly in Thailand, where the mistreatment of migrant labour from Myanmar and other neighbouring countries has been a long-standing problem. Entrust TEFL joined the Royal Thai Immigration Bureau on the streets of the old city in Chiang Mai to tackle this challenge through awareness raising. In attendance were local Immigration Bureau +

  • What does it mean to be a quality TEFL course in Thailand? Text

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    How do you choose the right TEFL Program? How are they different? Aren’t they all the same? Well, not quite. In places like the United States, we have regulation entities like the Better Business Bureau to ensure high ethical standards are met for business conduct. In Thailand, the playing field is quite different, especially when it comes to TEFL teaching and training. There is currently no “license” or “approval” given by the Thai Ministry of Education for TEFL / TESOL providers in Thailand. The reason being is that generally TEFL companies consist +

  • The Inthakin Festival in Chiang Mai Text

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    June 1-8 2016 The Inthakin Festival in Chiang Mai (also known as Sai Khan Dok or Bucha Sao Inthakin), starts on the 12th day of the waning moon of the six lunar month and lasts eight days. The festival is centered around the Temple Wat Chedi Luang in Chiang Mai’s old district. This year the festival takes place June 1st through June 8th. The essence of the Inthakin Festival revolves around a ceremony called Tam Boon Khan Dok – the way of merit-making by offering flowers, candles, and incense in +

  • Teaching English in Thailand Text

    “Students please stand up!” I hear myself commanding in this classroom full of tiny people with big eyes.  As I say this I am using both arms in a sweeping motion to help communicate with those who don’t understand the verbal direction.  The students (now my students!) are uniformly dressed in light blue shirts and dark blue shorts or skirts.  They have all taken off their shoes, which are neatly lined up outside the door of the classroom. There is a delayed clatter of the chairs pushing back as first +

  • Thailand in October

    Thailand is a beautiful place year round. In October the Northern and Central parts of Thailand begin to retract from +

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    Krabi’s Islands Text

    A traditional starting point and base for visitors, there’s considerably more to find around the provincial capital of Krabi than +

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    Thailand on a Plate Text

    One of everyone’s favourite parts of living in or visiting Thailand has got to be the deliciously spicy food and +