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    Entrust TEFL wins ‘Promoter of Outstanding Development’ award Text

    In recognition of its contribution to the development of the Thai people and economy, Entrust TEFL deservedly received the annual award for ‘the Promoter of Outstanding Development’. This award focuses on the future, asking what organisation has done the most to enhance Thailand for the long-term. English is needed by Thai people for all sorts of professional purposes, be it van drivers, tour guides and masseurs, restaurant and hotel staff, as well as medical practitioners and business people. It is thus essential to continuing development and growth in Thailand. To meet the demand for high-level spoken English in this variety of situations, Entrust TEFL has worked hard to develop a suitable range of secondary education programmes, designed to fill the English speaking gaps across the workforce. All such course are officially recognised by the Thai Ministry of Education, which was more than happy to recommend Entrust for this prestigious award. +

  • Entrust TEFL wins the Volunteer for Society Award Text

    Entrust TEFL was thrilled to receive the Volunteer for Society Award, officially recognising all the voluntary work done by Entrust and its partner the Future Advance foundation in pursuit of their dedication to not just train excellent teachers, but also to produce rounded, caring individuals and give back to society in the process. In a uniquely philanthropic concept, a portion of each Entrust trainees’ course fee goes directly to the Future Advance foundation, funding the purchase of charity goods. In addition, each trainee is required to spend time undertaking voluntary work, often involving the donation of goods purchased with the money taken from their course fees. Many needy communities have been helped in this way over the years, from the +

  • Entrust TEFL staff raise 71,950 Baht for flood victims Text

    Southern Thailand was hit by heavy rain and flash flooding in 2017, with the entire province of Songkhla declared a disaster zone. All 16 districts were ravaged by the rising waters, some over 2m deep, and there was over 72 million baht in damages which local businesses struggled to recover from for months. With its offices and training programmes in Krabi, Entrust TEFL has strong connections to the South, and so decided to do something to help. In typical style, they staged a fundraising event, featuring music, fun and games. In the process, a grand total of 71,950 baht was raised for the disaster-stricken residents of Songkhla. +

  • Entrust TEFL hits Channel 7 News with Ministry of Education meeting Text

    The Labor Minister and the Director General of the Department of Skills Development flew up from Bangkok to pay a visit to Entrust TEFL in action. A TV crew from Channel 7 was on hand to record the meeting, which took place during an Entrust TEFL training course for nurses and elderly caregivers. With the story running on the evening news, the Labour Ministry was keen to publicise the success of their Skills Training Programme in developing Thailand’s healthcare, hospitality and tourism sectors, with Entrusts’ training courses held up as a shining example. The visiting officials highlighted how such initiatives are solving the labour shortage problem and promoting employment via collaboration between the government, associations and the private sector. Moreover, +

  • Thai Ministry of Education announces partnership with Entrust TEFL Text

    Entrust TEFL entered into high level partnership with the Thai Ministry of Education, with the official announcement of its role as sole provider of English language teachers to Thai schools in Chiang Mai and the Northern region of Thailand. With membership to the select, ‘VIP’, group of private organisations working directly with the government in the promotion of education, Entrust takes on responsibility for English language instruction within Thai schools in its designated region, and must send staff to attend regular national planning meetings held by the Ministry at its headquarters in Bangkok. This development comes after many years of hard work by Entrust to raise the standard of TEFL training in Thailand. In the words of Entrust director Patrick +

  • Entrust TEFL donates to remote village Text

    Entrust TEFL works closely with its sister foundation, Future Advance, regularly making charitable donations and taking time out to help people and animals in need across Thailand. Money is supplied as a portion of each enrollment fee paid by trainees and in December 2016 staff and students participated in one of the largest donation efforts to date, bringing food, clothing, blankets, medical assistance, books, and lots of cheer to a remote village in Chiang Mai. With huge trucks transporting a heavy load of precious goods up winding mountain roads, and hundreds of volunteers on the ground pulling together to unload it, the day was reminiscent of a big international humanitarian aid agency working in the field. In addition, Entrust TEFL +

  • Entrust TEFL donates medicines and food to long neck village Text

    Entrust TEFL trainees joined with Entrusts’ partner, the charitable foundation Future Advance, donating blankets, jackets, sweaters, medical aid and warm clothing to the inhabitants of Padung Village. Located in the remote 2,100-metre-high Doi Chiang Dao mountain range, close by to Chiang Dao Cave, famous for its spectacular stalactite and stalagmite formations, Padung Village is populated with members of the ‘Long Neck Karen’ ethnic hill-tribe, so called because the women wear brass rings around their necks, wrists and ankles. As well making the donations in fulfillment of their Entrust TEFL course requirements, trainees took time out to explore the village and get a feel for the way of life. They also supported the local economy by purchasing a few souvenirs, getting +

  • Entrust TEFL helps Royal Thai Immigration with soccer jerseys and donations Text

    Entrust TEFL is an active member of the local community in Chiang Mai. This includes much charity work and also, in a more light hearted fashion, participation in soccer matches, with Entrust regularly playing alongside employees of the Thai Immigration department in a local league, and building great relationships in the process. The department welcomed Entrust staff to their team with open arms, so Entrust decided to show their gratitude by producing a new set of soccer jerseys for the squad. Moreover, during a recent game, Entrust learned that the Immigration department would be driving up to a local hill tribe to donate much needed supplies. To support their teammates in this worthy cause, Entrust joined the effort, bringing ping-pong +

  • Entrust TEFL wins ‘Outstanding Education’ award Text

    Entrust TEFL received the ‘Outstanding Education Award’, in recognition of its success and dedication in providing sustainable education to Thailand. As the top TEFL training institution in Thailand, Entrust places over 500 high quality teachers a year in schools nationwide. Each graduate educates an estimated 1000 students, meaning approximately half a million Thais directly benefit from Entrusts’ work. Moreover, to meet the demand for high-level spoken English across the workforce, Entrust TEFL has developed a suitable range of secondary education programmes, be it for van drivers, tour guides and masseurs, restaurant and hotel staff, or medical practitioners and business people. All such course are supported by the Department of Skills Development and officially recognised by the Thai Ministry of Education. +

  • Entrust TEFL provides food for the poor and needy at Wat Suan Dok temple, Chiang Mai Text

    Entrust TEFL and the Future Advance foundation came out in full force at Wat Suan Dok temple, bringing much needed food, clothes and other essential goods to the local poor and needy of Chiang Mai. Wat Suan Dok is a centre of the community and regularly plays host to large charity events, with many local philanthropic organisations such as Entrust taking part. Built in the late 14th century, it is also a site of historical significance, with many notable features including a pagoda with Buddha relics and a garden of whitewashed mausoleums housing the ashes of ancient Chiang Mai rulers. The temple is located just outside the old city walls and was built by a long dead King of Chiang +

  • Entrust TEFL begins training Nurses and Caregivers Text

    Entrust TEFL officially began an exciting new initiative with the opening of the first course created especially for nurses and caregivers. The first class of the course, a 30 hours English language instruction curriculum tailored to meet the professional needs of trainee nurses, was delivered at Nakornping Aphibalkit Nurse Aide School, a private institute training nurse assistants in Chiang Mai. Officially recognized as an ‘Outstanding School’ by the Private Education Commission of the Ministry of Education, trainees at the Nurse Aide School must undergo an intensive 6 month training period before they can graduate as full-time Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs). This professional qualification enables them to be employed by health care organisations such as hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, with +

  • Entrust TEFL Director discusses volunteering projects with Royal Princess Text

    Entrust TEFL managing director Neungruthai McNaughton received a great honor in the form of an invitation to speak with HRH Princess Soamsawali Kitiyakara, during an official function in Chiang Mai. The Princess was interested to learn more about the work of Entrusts’ sister foundation, Future Advance, especially its voluntary projects and innovative financing model. Funds are supplied as a portion of each enrollment fee paid by Entrust TEFL trainees, and trainees also are required to spend a portion of their time doing voluntary work in order to complete their course. Entrust staff and students participate in regular donation efforts, bringing food, clothing, blankets, medical assistance, books, and lots of cheer to communities across Thailand. Princess Soamsawali has a keen interest +