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    Entrust TEFL receives the ‘RAMA 5th’ award Text

    King Rama V of Thailand (20 September 1853 – 23 October 1910) is probably most well-known to Westerners as the child of King Rama IV, the eponymous King in the classic musical ‘The King and I’. Among Thais he is a symbol of great prosperity and is revered as the monarch who ensured the countries independence from European colonization, and put the nation on the path to development. The prestigious ‘RAMA 5th’ award is presented annually to one-hundred individuals judged to have made the most striking contribution towards the development of the Thai people. Aside from recognition for their humanitarian achievements, winners receive the tremendous honour of attending an official ceremony where they are personally presented the award by a member of the Thai royal family. +

  • Entrust TEFL receives the ‘ASEAN Award’ Text

    Entrust TEFL received another ASEAN Award in recognition of the large number of high-quality TEFL teachers produced by Entrust who go on to successfully teach in schools across the ASEAN community of countries, including Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia. Founded in 1967, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a multi-national organisation dedicated to co-operation and development in the region, and there are several ASEAN-wide awards created to recognise exemplary organisations, such as Entrust TEFL. English is the primary language used to communicate between the various cultures and language groups within this diverse region, as well as with the wider world, so a major goal for ASEAN is to improve the level of English across member states. +

  • Entrust helps construct Wiang Haeng Police station Text

    Entrust TEFL staff helped the community whilst visiting one of Chiang Mai province’s remotest towns, Wiang Haeng, where they donated funds and their precious time in the construction of the local police station. Until recently near inaccessible due to the absence of tarmac-topped roads, the town lies in a fertile valley surrounded by rugged mountains close to the Burmese border, roughly half way between Chiang Dao and Pai. In fact, one of the highlights of the day was the journey, travelling on a spectacular road that winds through the limestone mountains, forest and ridges of Pha Daeng National Park. +

  • Entrust TEFL organises Amazing Race for April Enrollees Text

    The Thai New Year, known as Songkran, is always a fun time. Taking place in mid-April, during the middle of the hot season, it is the biggest holiday in the Thai calendar and involves both serious prayers for the year to come as well as a great deal of raucous celebration in the form of huge water parties (a great relief in the scorching heat). Entrust decided to introduce its April 2014 enrollees to this wonderful festival with a splash, organising a series of outdoor events branded as the first Entrust ‘Amazing Race’. Starting off with bungee jumping, students then went paint-balling, drift-carting and Xorb balling, before getting seriously wet with the rest of the local population on the streets +