Student Levels

Student Levels

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This chapter is important, as it analyses the differences in learning styles and requirements from beginner, intermediate, to advance students. Also important to note, are the different student levels within each classroom environment – as we all have differing capacities to acquire knowledge.

Student levels in Thailand can depend on the schooling environment and where you end up being placed/find a job. Typically there are 4 different types of learning institutions in Thailand, with Government, Private and International Schools – in conjunction with Language Schools providing you an opportunity to practice your new found skills.

Within Government, and some Private schooling systems the levels are as follows: Kindergarten (KG), Prathom (Primary School aged between 6 to 12), and Matthayom (Secondary School aged between 12 to 18). In International Schooling systems they may adopt a Grade 1 to 12 system – based on their curriculum standards.

However, as a ESL teacher you will be required to be adaptable to a dynamic classroom environment: which may include learners from the same classroom having vastly different abilities and learning requirements. Ranging from Beginner to Upper-Advanced you will need to facilitate a learning environment that includes and stimulates all of your students.

Studying class dynamics and understanding how to manage the differences in learning styles and abilities is integral to success. Differing levels of proficiency can be used to your advantage – as the advanced students can assist the slower learners. Grouping strategies and tailoring packages to best support all of your students will also be explored.


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