The Premium TEFL Program

Our Premium TEFL package offers you all the benefits of our award winning, internationally-recognized TEFL certification along with unrivaled extras to ease your overall experience during your first few weeks in Thailand. The Premium program allows you to simply book your tickets, and pack your bags to have everything sorted for you once you arrive.

Our Premium TEFL Program package really does give you the best value for money as we spoil you with airport pick up, resort accommodation, daily western breakfasts, guided excursions, immersive cultural trips, world class training and get you earning salary as a teacher in Thailand. All you got to do is sit back and enjoy the awesome experience that lies ahead. You’ll make many fond memories as new lifelong friendships get formed in work and play during the course.

Prior to your arrival we start you on your 40 hours of Thai language lessons so that can better assimilate into the culture and have basic communication when you arrive. You will be met and collected at the airport to be taken to your Resort accommodation during your training.

Your training will truly be the best in the industry as we are awarded the best TEFL teacher training provider in Thailand and currently the only TEFL provider licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education.

On the weekends, we will take you on Thai cultural tours and either island hopping or jungle excursions, depending on training location. You are guaranteed a job upon completion of the course and sign your contracts on the third week of the training so you will know all details before you graduate and head to your school.

Once working at the school, we are still with you every month paying your salary and giving you the support you can expect. So the Premium Program is the best for you if you want to teach in Thailand for a short period or life and have everything sorted, so all you have to do is enjoy your experience in Thailand.

Who is the Premium Program for?

The Premium Program is for someone that wants a total package solution with no little surprises down the road.

  • You want to work legally by working on a non-immigrant visa, or
  • You want to be collected at the airport and taken to your resort, or
  • You want to receive truly the Best possible training available, or
  • You want to have Thai language lessons included in the course, or
  • You want to be taken on Thai culture Immersion tours with your classmates, or
  • You want to go on Jungle or Island hopping excursions with your classmates, or
  • You want to have the security of a Guaranteed job and monthly salary, or
  • You want the ability to change teaching locations and travel, or
  • You want the security of knowing exactly what your costs will be, or
  • You want to just pack your bags, show up and have everything sorted, or
  • You’re new to traveling abroad, or
  • You don’t want any unforeseen surprises, or
  • You want to experience as much as possible during your TEFL course at one low cost.

If you are looking for the best value for money, then our 140 hour three-week Premium package is the way to go. In addition to our award winning, internationally accredited 140-hour course, this package includes resort or hotel accommodation depending on your training location, adventure excursions (visits to temples and historical sites, elephant rescue retreat, white water river rafting, waterfall hikes and much more!) and Thai cultural immersion trips to local historical landmarks and awesome temples – all pre-booked with our staff and guides we trust and have used for years.

What is Included?

140 hrs. In-Class TEFL Course

Our teacher training course was awarded “The Best TEFL Provider in Thailand” by the Thai Ministry of Education during the 2016 Thailand Educational awards as well as a host of other educational awards, so if you’re looking for “the best training possible” then this course is for you.

Airport Transfer to Accommodation

We take the stress out of arriving in a brand new country by knowing that the first friendly face you see will be ours. We collect you at the airport and make sure that you arrive safely at your accommodation, get set up on Wi-Fi so you can contact your friends and family, so all you have to do is just prop your feet up, and relax after your long flight. (Provided by an external vendor for your convenience)

Thai Culture Immersion Trips

Our Thai culture Immersions trips are focused to provide you an initial peek into the heart of Thai culture and the Thai way of life. We believe that this aspect of our course is vital as it creates a solid foundation for you to start understanding what makes Thai people tick, which will allow you to better connect with your students and better aliment to your new home. (Provided by an external vendor for your convenience)

Real Job Placement Guarantee

A guaranteed job is exactly what we provide. We maintain a 100% job placement rate regardless of nationality, educational status, or age. You will have a guaranteed job before you graduate, with many starting directly after the course unless you would want a mini holiday before you start working. (Provided by an external vendor for your convenience)

In-Country Cultural Orientation

Moving to a new country can be a bit daunting especially for a first time traveler so our in-country orientation gives you a valuable insight the Thai cultural differences, Thai language essentials, recap to full explanations on the visa process, work permits, how it all works and many aspects of your new amazing home in Thailand.

New Teachers Starter Pack

Along with your training material, we provide you with needed teaching equipment and simple essentials during class so you don’t need to bring them yourself like; a note book, pens, white board markers, t-shirt, a bag to put it all in and so much more during your training course.

Conduct a Real English Camp

The English Camp is given on the last day at the teaching practice school to conclude our teaching practice and observation. This is a fun informal day filled with games to get them thinking and speaking in English as they run around collecting prizes and this is your time to say your last goodbye to your students.

Ongoing Alumni Support

Our service starts to the moment you contact us and continues through your teaching careers. As an alumnus you will always have access to our student portal for teaching materials, production ideas, and your student records such as your transcripts and TEFL Certificate.

Course Books & Study Material

Unlike some other courses, our course books and study materials are already included in the enrollment fee so you won’t be asked to pay for extra books or any other course related items during your training. We also have a library student books, workbooks, teacher’s books, and DVD lessons for your use in your lessons.

Resort / Hotel Accommodation

Resort or hotel accommodation (depending on training area) is provided during your training so that you have a comfortable place to sleep, an instant great group of friends to hang out with, daily western breakfasts, free Wi-Fi and easy access to the training center. Our Chiang Mai training location offers resort accommodation and Krabi offers Hotel accommodation. (Provided by an external vendor for your convenience)

Organized Excursions

Our Excursions differ on which location you decide to do your training. If you are in Krabi then you will be island hopping, snorkeling, and exploring white sandy beaches. If you have picked Chiang Mai then you will be white water rafting, sliding down waterfalls, and bathing with elephants and enjoying a nice balance of western culture. (Provided by an external vendor for your convenience)

Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificate

Our TEFL training certificate are internationally recognized by WTEFLAC, currently the most comprehensive TEFL / TESOL course accreditations available in the industry. Our certification is fully accepted by recruiters, agencies and schools worldwide. Over 6,000 Entrust TEFL graduates are currently working worldwide as ESL / ESP teachers.

Visa Support (Non-Immigrant Visa)

Our visa support starts prior to you leaving your home country so that you will arrive in Thailand confidently and legally to start your new adventure. We suggest that you arrive on a Visa on Arrival to give you amble time to complete the TEFL course, meet with your employers to obtain a non-immigrant visa. (Provided by an external vendor for your convenience)

40 hrs. Thai Language Lessons

Once you enroll in our Premium program you will receive logins to start the online portion of your Thai language course along with your welcome email to provide you some basic phrases before landing in Thailand, which will be followed up by an in-class session to focus on your pronunciation skills.

Certified Volunteer Certificate

The volunteer certificate is a collaboration of the three days to spent at the school volunteering your time as well as gaining valuable hands-on teaching experience. A portion of your enrollment fee goes towards the school, its students, and other donations you will personally hand over by enrolling in our TEFL program. (Provided by an external vendor for your convenience)

Three Full Days at a Real School

The highlight for each class is their three full days of observed teaching practice in real schools to real students of English as a second language. These are full days of teaching a variety of subjects and levels under the supervision and observation of our seasoned trainers.

What is Not Included?


Personal expenses


Living expenses



When and where is this Program being offered?

Our next TEFL class starts in:

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
  • 00Minutes
  • 00Seconds

We have a new class starting on the FIRST Monday of every month, so simply just let us know when you would like to attend. Courses are held year around in Chiang Mai, however in Krabi they are only held four times a year (April, May, October and November).

Available training dates:

  • Year 2019

    January 7th
    February 4th
    March 4th
    April 1st
    May 6th
    June 3rd
    July 1st
    August 5th
    September 2nd
    October 7th
    November 4th
    December 2nd

  • Year 2020

    January 6th
    February 3rd
    March 2nd
    April 6th
    May 4th
    June 1st
    July 6th
    August 3rd
    September 7th
    October 5th
    November 2nd
    December 7th

Course Requirements:

  • 18-50 years of age
  • Degree or non-degree holder
  • Good level of English proficiency
  • Free of speech difficulties
  • In good physical and mental health
  • Open minded to new cultures

Enroll for the Premium Program?

Premium TEFL Program

$2,250.00 excl.Vat

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telephone: +1 949 478 0954 (United States)
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Winter Special

15% discount given for the enrollment months of January – March 2018

Summer Special

15% discount given for the enrollment months of July – September 2018

Buddy Deal

$100.00 discount for each buddy traveling together. Teach and travel with your buddy.


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