Entrust TEFL Time Line



Entrust Group Ltd., Co. was incorporated in Irvine California as an educational provider of secondary education and to provide Native English Speaking teachers to non-native countries.



Entrust incorporated in Thailand under the American/Thailand Amenity treaty, which links both the American and Thai companies to provide undeniable credibility as an educational institution.

Entrust Recruitment

Entrust Recruitment was established to provide qualified teachers and trainers to schools or institutions to prepare Thailand to enter the ASEAN community.

Corporate Coaching

Entrust Corporate Coaching division was established in Bangkok to provide specialized business training to Thai Corporate professions in Thailand and boasts clients such as Shell Thailand, Bristol Myers, TMB Bank and many more.

Teach English as a foreign language

Entrust created its own teacher training division in Bangkok to properly train teachers prior to placement with its recruitment division. This came as many of our clients (schools and agencies) complained that the teachers we obtained from TEFL / TESOL schools had no idea how to teach or conduct classes, thus we created a teacher training division to guarantee the quality training to our clients.


Entrust TEFL becomes an institutional member of the International Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Chiang Mai Training Center

Entrust TEFL moved both its teacher training division and Thai head courts from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Thailand. We followed valuable input from our TEFL graduates in suggestion we move from a traditional 4 week 120 hour course to a three week 120 hour course and included other amenities such as accommodation, excursions, and Thai culture activities as part of the program.

Entrust Language School

Entrust partnered with an established a language school to provide secondary education to the local community holding the Thai Ministry of Education License # 205/2554

Future Advance Foundation

Entrust TEFL established a foundation to give back to the local community and place volunteers in projects nationwide. Our foundation is licensed to help both people and animals, which we are heavily active in both.

Krabi Training Center

Entrust TEFL Established a beach training location in Krabi to give our participants a beach and island vibe during their teacher training course.


Entrust TEFL is given a seat on the board of governors of the Non-Formal Private Education Association of Thailand.


Entrust TEFL was awarded the BEST TEFL provider in Thailand by the Thai Ministry of Education during the Thailand Educational Awards.


Entrust TEFL becomes the first TEFL provider licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education in Thailand and holding the License # CM 01-005/2559. Many TEFL providers claim to be licensed by either partnering with a language school or by creating their own; however the license is solely in the name of the language school NOT the TEFL / TESOL company, therefore the TEFL / TESOL company itself is not “licensed”, “accredited”, or “under the supervision” of the Thai Ministry of Education as advertised. In fact most TEFL / TESOL companies in Thailand are merely "a website", running their companies with no business registration nor licensing of any kind.


The Thai Ministry of Education officially announces its partnership with Entrust TEFL to provide quality teachers to Thailand. Entrust TEFL becomes a VIP member in the collaboration of both the government and private sectors working together to promote Education in Thailand.

Entrust TEFL partners with Department of Skill Development

Entrust TEFL partners with the department of skills development to help both public and private sectors to assess and meet labor demand.


Entrust TEFL to create satellite training locations in both Sihanoukville Cambodia and Hoi An Vietnam to offer more options for our participants and agents.

Who is Entrust TEFL

Entrust TEFL is a legally registered, fully licensed, bonded company with over 17 years in the teacher training and teacher placement industry. Since inception we have had the pleasure to train, qualify, and place over 5,700 graduates in paying ESL jobs across Thailand with many now working worldwide exploring new cultures as teachers.

With an Entrust TEFL certificate you can certainly work anywhere in the world as we fully licensed locally and internationally accredited globally by The World TEFL Accrediting Commission, based in New York, USA. Furthermore each Entrust TEFL certificate is certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign affairs so that any school or government agency worldwide has the guarantee that the training was in fact by an Educational licensed body, legally registered company that satisfies (or surpasses) the educational requirements. We currently have graduates working in Hungary, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Ireland, UK, Mexico, Central American and many more not listed.

As a TEFL / TESOL organization, we adhere to stringent guidelines and quality controls to ensure that both our customers and the receiving schools are fully satisfied with the quality of training that we provide. Due to the dynamic nature of the teaching environment, our course is constantly adapting to stay one step ahead of the teacher training industry. Course evaluations are seriously taken into consideration as we consider both student and school feedback an integral component of improving the program as we value the honesty and integrity of our students’ willingness to assist us in tailoring packages that will best suit the next generation of students/teachers.

Entrust TEFL provides a Basic TEFL course or an all-inclusive Premium program, which includes not only your 140 hour accredited course, but also a variety of accommodation venues, trips, sightseeing tours, trekking, transportation, volunteer teaching, guaranteed teaching job upon completion and much more, in one economical fee. Entrust TEFL provides a solid and refined course program, which we feel is uniquely superior to other TEFL / TESOL providers here in Thailand and we are happy that the Thai Ministry of Education feels the same way. Our program not only prepares you to step into the classroom with confidence through earned experience, but gives you the skills and teaching material for success.

The Entrust TEFL TEAM – Real People, Real Passion