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Teach English in Thailand, with a job guarantee!

Why should a FULL SERVICE Provider be your first choice for Teaching Abroad?

Entrust TEFL is considered a full-service TEFL provider as it not only provides teacher training certification but also legal working status within Thailand and guaranteed job placement upon completion of the course.

Thailand is the perfect place to start your journey and by choosing Entrust TEFL you will have the essential tools to get you started.

First, Our 140-hour internationally recognized TEFL Certification is hands down the best possible teacher training within Thailand.  It also includes three solid days of practical training and observation to real learners of ESL at local schools. Our awesome reputation and being accepted by recruiters worldwide will allow you to obtain high-quality jobs and salaries.

Second, We help provide legal immigrant and working status within Thailand as we have a non-immigrant visa package available so you can arrive in Thailand with style. Once at our training center, your work permit process is started, and during the training, you are handed your new shiny work permit before you head to your school.

Third, We provide “real” guaranteed placement upon completion of the course. Not a printed piece of paper with school contacts for you to call like our competitors, but during the course, our recruitment team sets up interviews, helps in contract negotiations, and even physically drives you to your teaching location to meet your school and find an apartment.

Entrust TEFL is a professional teacher training college located in Thailand. Entrust TEFL was originally headquartered in Irvine California, as a teacher recruitment company placing teachers in Thailand. Entrust TEFL moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand to expand the teacher training division. Since 2008, we have certified and placed over 6,500 teachers in Thailand upon completion of the course.

Entrust TEFL is unique as we accept both Degree holders and non-degree holders for our training courses. We also accept both native English passport holders and non-native English passport holders. TEFL in Thailand course is the best possible way to get started.

Most TEFL or TESOL companies in Thailand (or Asia) only accept Native English passport holders with a bachelor's degree. Then offer them assistance or no job placement upon completion of the course. The reason for this is normally because they are just a website with a training partner in Thailand.

The other TEFL or TESOL companies are unsure of the rules and regulations of the employment of teachers in Thailand. So, they cannot offer any guarantees of employment after the training.

Entrust TEFL has over 20 years of teacher recruitment experience in Thailand. We have placed over 6,500 graduates in Teaching jobs upon completion of the course and currently have a 100% success rate. Getting a paying teaching position after the course is guaranteed, regardless of your nationality or educational background. Entrust is one of the best TEFL certification programs (or TESOL courses) in Thailand.

We offer Guaranteed job placement directly after the completion of the course to native English speakers holding a degree. And., we offer Assistance job placement to non-native, non-degree holders. Normally Assisted placement happens much like Guaranteed placement, but it may take up to 2-weeks to find a suitable placement.

Entrust TEFL has over 20 years of Visa and work permit processing experience. Our in-house visa and work permit section is located in our Chiang Mai training location. Our staff will assist you with any visa and work permit inquires you may have.

We also work directly with your potential employers to get you working legally in Thailand in no time. If you would like to see more visa information and the process, please click here. 

All our graduates are placed in paying teaching positions nationwide across Thailand upon completion. Most of our TEFL graduates teach in Thailand then start working worldwide as ESL teachers. With their TEFL certification, they can immerse themselves in cultures worldwide and change lives one student at a time. 

The Teach English as a Foreign Language program accepts both degree and non-degree holders into the course. Entrust TEFL also accepts native and non-native speakers of English for our teacher training and guaranteed teacher job placement programs. TEFL Certification Thailand courses is the best way to go when starting your TEFL job. Getting TEFL certified is a great way to get started.

If you do not have a bachelor's degree you will still be provided with teaching jobs in Thailand. The Entrust TEFL staff provides visa assistance and works directly with your employers to obtain your working visas and work permits. The in-country TEFL course allows you to undergo three full days of Teaching Practice & Observation at Real Schools. This real-world training will allow you to gain your confidence in teaching to real learners of ESL.

We offer what is arguably the best TEFL course to become a teacher in Thailand. Living in Thailand will give you a wholesome and heartfelt introduction to Thai culture. During our local trips depending on your selected training areas of Chiang Mai, Krabi, or Pattaya.

The onsite TEFL course in Thailand will not only provide solid award-winning training but practical hands-on teaching practice.

Entrust TEFL is the best TEFL teacher training company in Thailand, as awarded by the Thai Ministry of Education. We have won several awards from the Teachers Council of Thailand, other educational and governmental bodies. Entrust TEFL started as a TEFL teacher recruitment agency in Irvine California, so we have many years of teacher placement experience. We have working relationships with many schools and businesses nationwide to guarantee you a teaching placement waiting for you upon graduation.

Teach English in Thailand with an established award-winning TEFL provider.

  • TEFL in Thailand

    Award-Winning TEFL Program

    Awarded the BEST TEFL / TESOL provider in Thailand

  • ISO/IEC 17024 Certified

    Organizations operating certification of persons

  • TEFL Thailand

    Visa Assistance

    Obtain a non-immigrant visa prior to arrival 

  • Teach English in Thailand

    Guaranteed Placement

    Worry-free 100% placement record

  • TEFL Thailand

    Monthly Courses

    Classes start the 1st Monday of each month

  • TEFL Thailand

    Teaching Observation & Practice

    20+ hours at Real schools with Real learners of ESL

  • Teach English as a Foreign language

    More free time

    Explore, Travel, and improve your quality of life 

  • Teach English as a Foreign language

    Internationally Accredited Course

    Accepted by recruiters and schools worldwide

  • Legally Licensed & Registered

    Legally licensed to provide TEFL/TESOL teacher training

  • Teach English in Thailand

    Safety in Numbers

    Qualified over 6,000 teachers

  • Teaching English Foreign Language

    Native English teacher trainers

    Learn from trainers with years of hands-on experience 

  • TEFL Thailand

    Meaningful Contribution

    Teaching provides an opportunity for a better life. 

  • Organized Excursions

    Jungle Trekking (CNX) or Island hopping (KBV)

  • Teach English as a Foreign language

    Thai Culture & Language Training

    Immersive organized Trips and Thai language 

TEFL Course Training Options

Onsite TEFL Certification Course

The full 140-hour Onsite TEFL course in Thailand with Visa / Work permit starter pack, Guaranteed job placement and so much more



  • 3-weeks Onsitehands-on training
  • Teaching practice and observation
  • Visa / Work permit starter pack
  • Thai culture immersion group trip
  • Receive 140-Hour TEFL Certification
  • Guaranteed placement (Degree or Non-degree)

(Basic TEFL Course PLUS+)

  • Airport Pick up
  • Accommodation during training
  • Jungle or Island Excursion
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Online / Onsite Hybrid Course

Combination of both a live Online TEFL training via Zoom classrooms and Onsite TEFL Practical training here in Thailand


  • 2-Weeks Online (Live) via Zoom Class
  • Airport Pickup & Resort Accommodation
  • 1-Week Onsite Practical Training
  • 140-Hour TEFL Certificate
  • Visa Assistance and job Guarantee
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Recruitment Only Program

Already TEFL, or TESOL, or CELTA certified? Have in-person teaching experience. Get a quick refresher and Job placement


  • Airport Pickup & Resort Accommodation
  • 1-Week Onsite Practical Training
  • Orientation and TEFL training refresher
  • Course Completion Certificate
  • Visa Assistance and job Guarantee
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Teach English in Thailand Course Videos

TEFL Accreditation

TEFL Accreditation

Entrust TEFL is fully accredited externally by the World TEFL Accrediting Commission in New York, United States of America. It is important to gain external and independent accreditation by an outside body whose only function is the accreditation of educational bodies. Most TEFL or TESOL companies seek accreditation from other TEFL or TESOL companies, basically agreeing to grant each other accreditation rather than going through the proper steps, and some purchase a lesser online accreditation for $49 with no questions asked. Having proper and legitimate accreditation ensures that what you are learning during the course is relevant and your completion certificate will be truly accepted by recruiters worldwide.

Company Registration

Entrust TEFL is also a fully registered Education company with three permanent locations within Thailand. Being a fully registered company means that our staff is working legally, we pay taxes on our income, are fully bonded, are subject to laws and regulations. Choosing a TEFL or TESOL provider that holds a company registration provides a degree of legitimacy and peace of mind. Most TEFL or TESOL companies in Thailand are merely websites, with no company registration, no physical or secret training locations, staff working illegally, and very little recourse for you the consumer if they just disappear and change their name and website as they have no physical legitimacy.

Educational Licensing

Entrust TEFL is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education and Teachers Council of Thailand to conduct TEFL teacher training and certification. We are also ISO certified, which is an international certification that allows us to legally certify our graduates and have those documents recognized by recruiters worldwide. Educational licensing is important as just as in any country worldwide the school, college, or university is licensed, regulated, and monitored by the relevant educational and governmental bodies to ensure that professional standards are being met and maintained.

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Course Assessment

Course Assessment

The Entrust TEFL course is rated at 140-hours of (level 5+) which takes place over three weeks. The course is a 120-hour TEFL training course + 20-hours of E.S.P. (English for Specific Purpose). Our assessment model is a combination of both Continuous and Rubric - referenced assessments.

Course Structure

The Entrust TEFL course syllabus focuses on six main components. (1) Learner and Teacher Motivation, (2) Langage Analysis and Awareness, (3) Language Skills: Receptive and Productive. (4) Lesson Planning and resource development, (5) Practical Teaching skills and professionalism, (6) Specialized Teaching Disciplines (ESP). For more information on the Course Structure please click here.

Assessment task weighting

The Entrust TEFL task weighting system is split into three overall sections. (1) Theoretical Knowledge, (2) Practical Knowledge, and (3) Real-world Knowledge. For more information on the Assessment task weighting please click here.

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Educational Awards

Educational Awards

Entrust TEFL has been privileged and honored to have won so many educational awards for its teacher training programs in Thailand. The most directly reflectent to our training was the "The Best TEFL provider" awarded by the Ministry of Education. To date, we are the only teacher training company (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA) in Thailand to receive this award. The rationale was to determine which company provided the best overall trained teachers to schools in Thailand.

The Ministry of Education simply asked this question to Thai schools nationwide and their response was Entrust TEFL. The schools found that our TEFL graduates required little to no additional training upon arrival and arrived ready to teach.

Entrust has too many awards to list here, but won the "Education Excellence Award" twice. The "Secondary Education Award" for Training Nurses and caregivers, the "Outstanding education Award", the "ASEAN Award" and many more. For more Educational Awards please click here.

Company and Organizational Awards

Entrust TEFL was formed under the United States of America and Thailand Amity treaty. Being both an American company and a Thai company allows us to always be our best. We have won many company awards to list here, such as the "Good Corporate Governance Award" from the King of Thailand. The "ASEAN Plus Award", for our outstanding role in the ASEAN community, or "ASEAN Economic Award".

We have also won many awards specific to our brand or business. Such as the "Best BIZ and Product Award", or the "Top Brand Award" and many more. For more Company and Organizational Awards please click here.

Volunteering and Humanitarian Awards

Donating your time and money over the years to your local communities is really a gift you give yourself. However, it is also good to be recognized for your good deeds and the things you do on your own. Entrust TEFL has been extremely fortunate to have received many high-level awards presented by members of the Royal family. Awards like the "RAMA 5th Award", and the "Thai Morality Award" present at the top level is rewarding. For more Volunteering and Humanitarian Awards please click here.

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About the Entrust TEFL teaching English in Thailand Course


To provide opportunities and solid real-world training to our teach English in Thailand TEFL graduates so that they can genuinely change the lives of their students for the better and be good role models for excellence. 

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