5 Reasons Why Thailand should be on your Teaching Destination Radar

Why Thailand?

If you are considering teaching in another country, then the world is your oyster. You will find numerous teaching opportunities all over the world, so you could have quite a conundrum on your hands. Among the most popular of all teaching destinations, however, is Thailand. Each year, thousands of people head to the land of smiles looking for opportunities as teachers, and they tend to be glad that they did. In addition, when it comes to gaining teaching qualifications, Thailand based Entrust TEFL are award-winning TEFL program that will help ensure you have all the certificates you need. There are numerous reasons to choose Thailand as a destination for teaching, and here’s a look at five of the most compelling.


Thailand’s beaches draw in millions of visitors’ year in, year out. The nation is home to some of the most stunning coastal locations on the planet, along with beautiful islands, many of which have seen little development. What’s more is that they are so affordable to visit, with a range of accommodation to suit all budgets. The transportation infrastructure also means that getting to these locations is easy and affordable.

If you are not located close to the coast, there is still plenty of opportunities to make the most of natural stunning beauty. The north of Thailand is home to towns and cities with beautiful mountainous backdrops, with plenty of opportunities to make the most of the scenery, or even just chill by a riverside.

Cost of Living

Thailand can be a very affordable place to live, depending on where in the country you are staying and your lifestyle. Accommodation is usually clean, safe and available at very reasonable prices. Small yet comfortable apartments are readily available and give access to any modern amenity that you may need. Fast internet connections are also available at very affordable prices along with movie channels to help ensure you have all the entertainment you need.

Thailand is also known for its huge variety of delicious food and at incredible prices. Street stalls and restaurants serve up fresh meals for around $1. You will likely pay more for Western dishes, albeit still at prices lower than you would find at home. On the other end of the scale are restaurants that have a reputation of being among the finest in the region.



Why Thailand ? As much as we might sometimes love the idea of adventure, the thought of leaving civilization can be a daunting one. Some locations have little to no access to modern infrastructures such as hospitals, transport and even shopping. Thailand, however, has some of the finest hospitals in the region and pretty much anything else you could hope for. If you are in one of the cities or large towns then you should also find no shortage of shopping opportunities. The road network is also mostly modernized and getting around is very easy to do.


You will often hear the word ‘sanook’ when living in Thailand. It is something that is ingrained in the culture, and really quite fun. In fact, sanook actually means ‘fun’, and everything in Thailand should be sanook. This doesn’t mean that you get to avoid working and just do what you want instead, it means integrating sanuk with everything that you do, including work. This approach makes working so much more enjoyable, so much more rewarding, and something to look forward to rather than just a means to pay the bills. Plus, of course, sanuk is still applied outside of work, meaning you can get to have a lot of fun in your time off as well.

Expat Community

Among the most daunting things of all when moving away can be meeting new people. While it can be exciting to meet new people from different cultures, it helps us to settle in when we are around people from the same culture as ours. Thailand has a significant expat community from all over the world, meaning that there is a good chance that you will meet people with similar interests and experiences to yourself. In addition to the people themselves, you will also find a huge variety of venues that cater to different tastes. At times, you could almost forget that you are so far away from home, even if the climate is somewhat warmer.

Overall, Thailand has so much to offer that it is easy to see why people return in their millions or even choose to stay permanently. If you are considering teaching overseas, Thailand should be near the top of your list and Entrust TEFL can offer you a way to make it reality.

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