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We are Thailands number 1 TEFL company

At Entrust TEFL, our goal is to provide you with both the confidence and the experience to become a world-class TEFL teacher—and to have fun at the same time!

arepGlobal Reputation
Established in 2002 under the United States Thailand Amity Treaty, we have a solid reputation for consistent, top-notch, educational standards.

We started as a recruitment company, placing TEFL students; however, customer feedback told us that the students we were placing required a far more robust training program. Realizing that teacher training and job placement go hand-in-hand, we created a teacher training division that continues to incorporate the requirements of the schools where teachers are placed.

asupportUnparalleled Support
Our students thrive not only because we genuinely want them to succeed, but also because we treat them like family. For those who want the full immersion experience, this means that we provide support from the get-go—from accommodation, training in state-of-the-art facilities and assistance with opening bank accounts to excursions, job placement and help with navigating cultural differences.
aacademicAccredited Academic Program
The quality of our academic programs is the cornerstone of our reputation. We are monitored and regulated by a board of independent advisers who ensure both a consistent standard and improved, cutting-edge approaches to learning. We are proud to say that our courses not only meet, but surpass, international teaching standards and TEFL requirements. Our training methods and materials are fun, easily applicable and hands-on.

We’re a globally recognized brand with Entrust TEFL teachers working in over 10 countries, giving lessons in English, Math, Science, Drama, Art and PE.

- Pat McNaughton, Entrust TEFL Director

History of Entrust


Entrust is founded

Entrust is incorporated and launched in Irvine, California as a training and recruitment provider. As most of the applicants were placed in Asia from the offices in Irvine a natural progression to create a firm presences in Asia was needed.


Training & Recruitment center in Thailand

Entrust is incorporated in Thailand under the American/Thailand Amenity treaty, which links both the American and Thai companies to provide undeniable credibility as an educational institution. Entrust becomes authorized provide quality teachers and trainers to Thai schools and businesses to prepare Thailand to enter the ASEAN community in 2015.


Entrust Corporate Coaching

Entrust Corporate Coaching division was established in Bangkok to provide specialized business training to Thai corporate professionals as the western influence and market grew in Thailand. Our Corporate coaching division quickly obtained key clients such as Shell Thailand, Bristol Myers, TMB Bank, LG, Thonburi Police detectives, Tesco Lotus and many more.


Entrust TEFL

Entrust created its own teacher training division to satisfy the tremendous need for quality teachers for placement. We found many people while holding a valid TEFL/TESOL certificate had no idea how to teach, control classrooms, teaching administrative duties or Thai culture. We worked closely with our client schools to produce teachers that would be well received and the knowledge to teach not only in Thailand, but around the world.


Entrust TEFL receives Accreditation

Entrust TEFL receives accreditation and institutional membership from the International Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and becomes a partner school of London Teacher Training College.


First Entrust TEFL Commencement

The first Entrust TEFL graduates, graduated from our training center in Bangkok Thailand. Each graduate was placed immediately in schools to start earning income as teachers of English as a foreign language. Entrust no longer had to depend on other TEFL/TESOL companies poorly trained graduates to fill teaching placements and allowed Entrust to guarantee the quality of its teachers being placed in the schools or businesses.


Headquarters moved to Chiang Mai

Entrust was moved from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to provide a program that would allow our graduates to fully immerse themselves in Thai culture and allow for planned jungle excursions while undertaking the teacher training program. This move also helped our TEFL trainees to save money while on the course as entertainment and transportation was far more expensive in Bangkok.


2000th Graduate from Entrust TEFL

Entrust TEFL graduates professionalism become well known among schools and agencies nationwide with some choosing to only hire Entrust graduates. Many schools and agencies start to pre-order teachers and travel to our training centers to hand pick them directly out of the TEFL classroom.


Future Advance Foundation

Future advance foundation was established to give back to our community and help local schools. Future advance is solely funded by Entrust TEFL and the Entrust TEFL trainees as a portion of each enrollment fee is donated to Future Advance for that enrollment period. This money is used to provide a free English camp and donate needed items to the school such as whiteboards, audio visual, sports equipment, clothes or specific items the school is in dire need of. During the third week of the TEFL training course, the trainees volunteer their time to teach for three days at the school as well as provide an English camp with lots of prizes for the kids. Each trainee is personally awarded a volunteer certificate from the director of the school and helps pass out the donations they are personally responsible for through their enrollment into the Entrust TEFL course.


4,700th Graduate from Entrust TEFL

Entrust TEFL graduates have new spread out worldwide and are now teaching in Europe, Asia, Central America, South Africa, and Middle East showing that our TEFL certificates are truly internationally accepted. Entrust is like a big family and it is good to see our graduates excel not just in Thailand, but globally living their dreams of working, traveling and immersion into new cultures.

When I arrived off the plane in Chiang Mai to the friendly smiles of Neung and Pat I knew I had made the right decision. They did everything to ensure I felt welcomed, comfortable and happy! Our resort was out of this world and the whole atmosphere was amazing!! The course taught me everything I needed to know to embark on a career of teaching English. Once completed Pat and Neung found me a great opportunity in a private academy. Since Thailand I have worked in Spain, England, Ireland and now I am currently teaching in a university in Saudi Arabia- All because I took a chance and boarded that plane to Chiang Mai- Thanks again Pat and Neung for everything you have done for me!!!!!:-)

- Claire Kavanagh, Entrust Graduate

Professional associations

In addition, Entrust TEFL is also associated with the following:

london tctr

We’re a proud partner school of the London Teacher Training College (LTTC).

asian tefl

AsianTEFL Institute is a Thailand-based accreditation body.


We’re an institutional member (number 21401) of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL).


We comply with the requirements of the International Accreditation of TESOL Qualifying Organisations (IATQuO) because of our alliance with LTTC. This means we are inspected each year for international compliance and code of conduct.


We are a member of the Irvine Chamber of Commerce.


And finally, we are monitored and challenged by our board of directors. We are driven to achieve international excellence and the best possible service delivery.