Entrust TEFL Accreditation

The World TEFL Accrediting Commission (WTEFLAC) is an accrediting body of TEFL/TESOL courses

Think of accreditation as quality control with ongoing evaluation and constant improvement that is being continually reviewed by external bodies. The proper accreditation plays a vital role for recruiters looking to ensure that the training you received meets satisfactory levels of quality that are recognized worldwide.  Receiving the proper professional training will provide you the skills and guidance you will need to follow you dreams of working abroad as a teacher.

Entrust TEFL is internationally accredited by World TEFL Accrediting Commission holding the accreditation number of #567755TH24.  World TEFL Accrediting Commission is one of the best independent TEFL / TESOL accrediting bodies available today.  Based in New York, United States of America WTEFLAC has grown to one of the most respected accrediting organizations through their globally accepted high standards which ensures professional accreditation of TEFL / TEFL providers worldwide.  The International Accreditation provided by WTEFLAC provides another layer of assurance that your Entrust TEFL certificate will be accepted by schools and recruiters worldwide.

As strange as it sounds, most TEFL / TESOL companies are not Internationally accredited and about half hold a lesser accreditation for an online course ($49/year) as it is cheaper with little to no questions asked. The other half simply accredit themselves by creating their own accreditation websites or seek accreditation from other TEFL providers rather than just improve their training programs. Accreditation is good as it allows for constant improvement and the proper accreditation plays a vital role for recruiters looking to ensure that the training you received meets satisfactory levels of quality that are recognized worldwide.

Entrust TEFL Course Registration

Think of a company registration as the sturdy foundation of any business. Holding a company registration should be the most basic element for an ongoing business so rest assured, Entrust TEFL is a fully registered and bonded company with two permanent locations in Thailand holding the registration number of #0105548105158.  Being a legally registered business, this does not only mean that we pay taxes and subject to its laws, but it also means that as a consumer you have the peace of mind to know that we are fully bonded, insured and all our employees are working legally. 

Entrust TEFL was registered in 2002 under the American / Thailand treaty and has grown to become the best TEFL provider and secondary education companies in Thailand today.   

As strange as that sounds, most TEFL / TESOL providers in Thailand are not legally registered businesses. Most operate purely as a website and rent conference rooms at a hotel or resort to provide the training.  If they are not a legally registered business, there is zero legitimacy and zero consumer protection.

Entrust TEFL Educational Licensing

I think you would agree, if you are providing training of any kind that results in a certification you should be licensed to do so otherwise your training and completion certificate will hold no real value. Being licensed ensures that the training curriculum being used has been reviewed and approved by relevant educational body, the training location has been inspected for health, safety, and provides a spacious and professional environment to conduct the training.  Just like in any country worldwide the school, college or university is licenced, regulated  and monitored by educational and governmental bodies to insure that professional standards are being met and maintained, a TEFL / TESOL training school is no different.  

A language school license is the first step to toward becoming a licensed TEFL / TESOL school in Thailand. The language school license takes about three years to complete as it involves engineers ensuring that your training facility and student areas are fully up to code with health and safety. During this time the Thai Ministry of Education is also meeting with your staff, reviewing your course outlines, course curriculums, daily lesson plans, grading, course books, course activities, tests, exams, quizzes or anything you would possibly hand to a student at your language school for each level for their approval.

Once you have successfully been granted a license by the Thai Ministry of Education to be a language school to teach Thai nationals English or other skills you can start the process to become a licensed school to teach non-Thai nationals, which is straight forward and less lengthy of a process as your training facility itself has already been approved.  Becoming licensed to conduct TEFL / TESOL training follows the same process of having the Thai Ministry of Education meet with your trainers, go over their qualifications, ensure that the TEFL students have access to photo copy machines, teaching equipment, rest areas, and other improvements needed for foreign students. During that process the Teachers council of Thailand and Ministry of Education review your TEFL training outline, course curriculum, daily lesson plans, grading, course books, test, exams, quizzes, or anything that could possibly be seem by your TEFL students. They also must review how you will be teaching Thai culture and how you will be conducting real world training and observation at local schools. Once they have approved your TEFL course and all its content you have successfully been granted a license to conduct TEFL / TESOL teacher training.  I truly hope that more TEFL / TESOL schools seek legitimate licencing to conduct the training in the near future, but at this time only two companies hold such licencing in Thailand. 

Entrust TEFL is one of the few TEFL training providers that is licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education and monitored by the Teachers Council of Thailand to train and certify TEFL / TESOL teachers holding the licence number of #CM 01-005-2529. Entrust TEFL being both a legally registered company and fully licensed to conduct teacher training insures that the Entrust TEFL Certificate given upon completion of the course fully satisfies the legal requirements of a 140-hour TEFL course and recognized by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a legitimate TEFL / TESOL training program worldwide.

Unbelievably, most TEFL / TESOL providers in Thailand do not hold a license to conduct TEFL / TESOL training and merely operate as unregistered training centers with no licensing or supervision from the educational sector. Most TEFL companies claim to be licensed, endorsed, certified, approved, or best buddies of the Ministry of Education and to conduct TEFL training, however a language school license only allows them to teach Thai nationals, Not foreigners or Westerners of which the average TEFL / TESOL class is comprised.  Some TEFL companies even show a copy of a language school license on their website which is not in their name. I don’t know about you, but if you tell me you have a license for something shouldn’t that license be in your name?

Entrust TEFL Partnerships

Thai Ministry of Education

The Thai Ministry of Education in partnership with Entrust TEFL provides collaboration of both the government and private sectors working together to promote Education in Thailand. Entrust TEFL provides teacher training to Thai teachers of ESL on behalf of the Thai ministry of Education around the country.   

Non-formal private Education Association

Entrust TEFL is a partner of the Non-Formal Private Education Association which provides training to the private sector.

Department of Skills Development

Entrust TEFL is a partner of the Department of Skills Development of the Ministry of Education which trains Thai nationals to enter the work force.  Entrust TEFL helps train Nurse Assistants and Caregivers to work both in Thailand and abroad.       

The Royal Thai Immigration Bureau

Entrust TEFL has partnered with the Royal Thai Immigration Bureau on many projects, donation drives, language training and public demonstrations. 

Entrust TEFL Memberships

International Association of TEFL (IATEFL)

Entrust TEFL is an institutional member of the International Association of TEFL holding the membership number of #21401.  IATEFL is based in the UK is one of the largest professional ESL teacher communities of over 4,000 members sharing ideas and strategies for better learning.

Entrust TEFL Time Line



Entrust Group Ltd., Co. was incorporated in Irvine California as an educational provider of secondary education and to provide Native English Speaking teachers to non-native countries.



Entrust incorporated in Thailand under the American/Thailand Amenity treaty, which links both the American and Thai companies to provide undeniable credibility as an educational institution.

Entrust Recruitment

Entrust Recruitment was established to provide qualified teachers and trainers to schools or institutions to prepare Thailand to enter the ASEAN community.

Corporate Coaching

Entrust Corporate Coaching division was established in Bangkok to provide specialized business training to Thai Corporate professions in Thailand and boasts clients such as Shell Thailand, Bristol Myers, TMB Bank and many more.

Teach English as a foreign language

Entrust created its own teacher training division in Bangkok to properly train teachers prior to placement with its recruitment division. This came as many of our clients (schools and agencies) complained that the teachers we obtained from TEFL / TESOL schools had no idea how to teach or conduct classes, thus we created a teacher training division to guarantee the quality training to our clients.


Entrust TEFL becomes an institutional member of the International Association of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Chiang Mai Training Center

Entrust TEFL moved both its teacher training division and Thai head courts from Bangkok to Chiang Mai Thailand. We followed valuable input from our TEFL graduates in suggestion we move from a traditional 4 week 120 hour course to a three week 120 hour course and included other amenities such as accommodation, excursions, and Thai culture activities as part of the program.

Entrust Language School

Entrust partnered with an established a language school to provide secondary education to the local community holding the Thai Ministry of Education License # 205/2554

Future Advance Foundation

Entrust TEFL established a foundation to give back to the local community and place volunteers in projects nationwide. Our foundation is licensed to help both people and animals, which we are heavily active in both.

Krabi Training Center

Entrust TEFL Established a beach training location in Krabi to give our participants a beach and island vibe during their teacher training course.


Entrust TEFL is given a seat on the board of governors of the Non-Formal Private Education Association of Thailand.


Entrust TEFL was awarded the BEST TEFL provider in Thailand by the Thai Ministry of Education during the Thailand Educational Awards.


Entrust TEFL becomes the first TEFL provider licensed by the Thai Ministry of Education in Thailand and holding the License # CM 01-005/2559. Many TEFL providers claim to be licensed by either partnering with a language school or by creating their own; however the license is solely in the name of the language school NOT the TEFL / TESOL company, therefore the TEFL / TESOL company itself is not “licensed”, “accredited”, or “under the supervision” of the Thai Ministry of Education as advertised. In fact most TEFL / TESOL companies in Thailand are merely "a website", running their companies with no business registration nor licensing of any kind.


The Thai Ministry of Education officially announces its partnership with Entrust TEFL to provide quality teachers to Thailand. Entrust TEFL becomes a VIP member in the collaboration of both the government and private sectors working together to promote Education in Thailand.

Entrust TEFL partners with Department of Skill Development

Entrust TEFL partners with the department of skills development to help both public and private sectors to assess and meet labor demand.


Entrust TEFL to create satellite training locations in both Sihanoukville Cambodia and Hoi An Vietnam to offer more options for our participants and agents.

Who is Entrust TEFL

Entrust TEFL is a legally registered, fully licensed, bonded company with over 17 years in the teacher training and teacher placement industry. Since inception we have had the pleasure to train, qualify, and place over 5,700 graduates in paying ESL jobs across Thailand with many now working worldwide exploring new cultures as teachers.

With an Entrust TEFL certificate you can certainly work anywhere in the world as we fully licensed locally and internationally accredited globally by The World TEFL Accrediting Commission, based in New York, USA. Furthermore each Entrust TEFL certificate is certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign affairs so that any school or government agency worldwide has the guarantee that the training was in fact by an Educational licensed body, legally registered company that satisfies (or surpasses) the educational requirements. We currently have graduates working in Hungary, Spain, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Ukraine, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Ireland, UK, Mexico, Central American and many more not listed.

As a TEFL / TESOL organization, we adhere to stringent guidelines and quality controls to ensure that both our customers and the receiving schools are fully satisfied with the quality of training that we provide. Due to the dynamic nature of the teaching environment, our course is constantly adapting to stay one step ahead of the teacher training industry. Course evaluations are seriously taken into consideration as we consider both student and school feedback an integral component of improving the program as we value the honesty and integrity of our students’ willingness to assist us in tailoring packages that will best suit the next generation of students/teachers.

Entrust TEFL provides a Basic TEFL course or an all-inclusive Premium program, which includes not only your 140 hour accredited course, but also a variety of accommodation venues, trips, sightseeing tours, trekking, transportation, volunteer teaching, guaranteed teaching job upon completion and much more, in one economical fee. Entrust TEFL provides a solid and refined course program, which we feel is uniquely superior to other TEFL / TESOL providers here in Thailand and we are happy that the Thai Ministry of Education feels the same way. Our program not only prepares you to step into the classroom with confidence through earned experience, but gives you the skills and teaching material for success.

Educational Awards

Entrust TEFL is both a well-respected and an award winning teacher training company that’s accreditation and teaching methods are recognized worldwide. Entrust TEFL has received over 30 Educational awards of the past few years and continues to raise the standard for teacher training companies worldwide. Our graduates are highly sought after by schools for their quality of training and knowledge of culture. Many top-notch schools continually only hire Entrust TEFL graduates as the level of training is so high. Entrust not only trains foreigners, but also trains Thai nationals in English proficiency and other skills so that they may be placed as care givers, nanny’s and even office staff in Western countries. This allows the opportunity for Thai nationals to gain valuable experience of living and working abroad.

Entrust TEFL was Awarded “The Best TEFL provider in Thailand” by the Thai Ministry of Education during the 2016 Thailand Educational Awards. The best TEFL / TESOL training company (international or domestic) which provides the best trained teachers to schools in Thailand.

Entrust TEFL was Awarded the Secondary Education Award for its exceptional training of foreign teachers. Our teacher training division has continually delivered a higher level of training and professionalism, which creates a high demand for our graduates across Thailand.

Entrust TEFL was Awarded the Best Business and Product Award in as our professionalism and ongoing dedication kept us both competitive and innovative providing tremendous customer satisfaction to ensure business continuity in the long-term both in Thailand and abroad.

Entrust TEFL wins the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Award by providing teachers to both Thailand and surrounding countries to help improve their English and other skill levels to better succeed in the ASEAN Community.

Entrust TEFL receives an Education Award for the enhancement of the children and youth of Thailand . Entrust TEFL continually provides quality trained teachers throughout Thailand, free English camps, free teaching and donation or uniforms and educational equipment.

Entrust TEFL receives the Youth Education award for its continuing dedication to benefit Thailand and educating its youth. Entrust TEFL also starts to provide training for the department of skills development in Thailand to help train skilled labor for needed sectors of employment.

Entrust TEFL wins the Rama 5th Award. This prestigious Humanitarian award is only given out to 100 individuals per year. The deserving winners of this award have the tremendous honor to receive this award personally handed to them by a member of the royal family of Thailand.

Entrust TEFL receives the Education Award for outstanding company of the year in their dedication to provide sustainable education to Thailand and its youth. This award is only given to 100 individuals a year by the royal family often the King himself.

Company Recognition

The Thai Ministry of Education officially announces its partnership with Entrust TEFL to provide quality teachers to Thailand. Entrust TEFL becomes a VIP member in the collaboration of both the government and private sectors working together to promote Education in Thailand

Entrust TEFL is recognized by the Most Senior Chief Commissioner of the Royal Thai National Police as a valuable partner and Role model for Thailand. As a leading Educational company in Thailand it is important to work and be recognized by the “Top Cops” as we are working together for a safer Thailand.

Volunteering Projects

Entrust TEFL has being performing volunteering activities since its inception so the creation of Future Advance Foundation was inevitable as we wanted to give back to our local community. As with all aspects of our business Future Advance Foundation is a fully registered, fully licensed foundation with several ongoing volunteering projects nationwide, which involve many of the photos below.

A portion of each TEFL enrollment is donated to Future Advance Foundation which allows the TEFL participant to contribute directly in each volunteering activity during their enrollment month. The combined contribution by enrolling in our TEFL program and donating their time during our three days of observed teaching practice at a school allows each TEFL participant to be awarded an authentic volunteering certificate signed and stamped by the school district, which always looks good on a CV / resume.

Dog Rescue and Treatment

Elephant Rescue and Treatment

Baby Orphanage and Support

Hill Tribe Donations & Support

Free Monthly English Camps

Raising Funds for Charities

Long Neck Village Donations

Special Needs Children

Feeding the Poor – Food Fairs

Medical Donations for the Poor

Building Homes for the Needy

Old Age Homes and Care

Donations at Orphanages for Girls

Children Orphanages Visits

Free Monthly English Teaching

Free Skills Training to Adults

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