Bangkok is a Backpacker’s Delight

There are many reasons for any tourist to visit Bangkok, but it is the ultimate destination for the shoestring-budget traveler.  Not only is the city a cheap destination to visit, but it is also a handy gateway for those wanting to explore the rest of southeast Asia conveniently and cost-effectively.

Following in the footsteps of thousands that have gone before, backpackers can blaze a trail through all the most popular spots on the continent. Many paths lead from Bangkok to Laos, via Vietnam to ancient Angkor Wat, and back to Thailand again, to join up with fellow travelers in a celebration of their journey.

Many backpackers pause in Bangkok repeatedly to rest up and earn some money, before continuing onward to Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan, China, Burma, and Brunei.  All of these destinations are easily reached from Bangkok and it is often cheaper to fly out of Bangkok, return and fly to your next destination rather than continue from where you were.

For example, a return flight from Bangkok to Vietnam will set you back at about 5200 Baht, while a return flight to Cambodia will cost around the same.  To fly from Bangkok to Vietnam and then on to Cambodia can be as much as 25000 Baht in total – definitely worth the backward and forwards.

The cost of flying to other backpacker hotspots are approximately 5137 Baht (Indonesia), 13 354 (Japan), and 9956 (China), so you can affordably embark on a whirlwind tour of South East Asia from this wonderful city.  The cheapest flights of all are usually the first and last of the day, so bear this in mind when planning your trip.

The advent of the low-cost carrier has done much to alleviate the high price of air travel if you are prepared to forego the luxuries. Bangkok also has an efficient bus and train transport system to destinations throughout South East Asia for those who prefer to take the even cheaper, lengthier, and more scenic route to their destination.


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