The Basic TEFL Course

The Basic TEFL course is for anyone! But you’ll find it especially useful if you lots of travel experience or currently living in Thailand and want the flexibility to choose which options are most important to you or simply don’t choose any add-ons and decide later.

  • You want the security of knowing exactly what your costs will be, or
  • You want the freedom to choose what suits you best, or
  • You’re an avid traveler that can hit the ground running, or
  • You don’t want to waste money on things you don’t need, or
  • You want to create your own experience your TEFL course and do your own thing.

If you are on a limited budget and just need a really good course to give you the tools and confidence to start earning an income in Thailand as a teacher, then this is possibility the best way to go. We can help point you in the right direction towards cheaper accommodation, motorbike rental and will still be with you every step of the way.

Who is the Basic TEFL Course for?

What is included?

140 hrs. In-Class TEFL Course

Our teacher training course was awarded “The Best TEFL Provider in Thailand” by the Thai Ministry of Education during the 2016 Thailand Educational awards as well as a host of other educational awards, so if you’re looking for “the best training possible” then this course is for you.

In-Country Cultural Orientation

Moving to a new country can be a bit daunting especially for a first time traveler so our in-country orientation gives you a valuable insight the Thai cultural differences, Thai language essentials, recap to full explanations on the visa process, and work permits, how it all works.

Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificate

Our TEFL training certificate is truly internationally recognized as we physically have our graduates currently working around the globe. Our certificate not only holds international accreditation, but also certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs making it accepted by any school or agency worldwide.

Three Full Days at a Real School

The highlight for each class is their three full days of observed teaching practice in real schools to real students of English as a second language. These are full days of teaching a variety of subjects and levels under the observation of our trainers.

Certified Volunteer Certificate

The volunteer certificate is a collaboration of the three days you spent at the school volunteering your time as well as gaining valuable hands-on teaching experience. This is a real volunteer certificate given by the local school district or school director. .

Thai SIM Card & Internet

During orientation, once we receive a copy of your passport we will provide you with your very own Thai SIM card so that you can stay in touch with family and friends back home letting them know what an awesome time you are having and allow prospective employers to contact you

    Course Books & Study Material

    Unlike some other courses, our course books and study materials are already included in the enrollment fee so you won’t be asked to pay for extra books or any other course related items during your training. We also have a library student books, workbooks, teacher’s books, and DVD lessons for your use in your lessons

    New Teachers Starter Pack

    Along with your training material, we provide you with needed teaching equipment and simple essentials during class so you don’t need to bring them yourself like; a note book, pens, white board markers, t-shirt, a bag to put it all in and so much more during your training course.

    Access to the Student Portal & LMS

    Once you enroll, you will gain access to the student portal filled with in class teaching resources, then once you are physically in class you’ll have much more access to even the Thai National Curriculum. The LMS system is used in conjunction with our in class sessions to give you all the resources you need.

    Conduct a Real English Camp

    The English Camp is given on the last day of at the school to conclude our teaching practice and observation. This is a fun informal day filled with games to get them thinking and speaking in English as they run around collecting prizes.

    Thai Language Lesson

    An online 40-hour Thai language lesson to start from home prior to your arrival in Thailand. Upon your arrival in Thailand you will communicate in Thai with confidence from basic to complex Thai phrases to having you speaking like a local in no time.

    Ongoing Alumni Support

    Our service starts to the moment you contact us and continues through your teaching careers. As an alumnus you will always have access to our student portal for teaching materials, production ideas, and your student records such as your transcripts and TEFL Certificate.

    When and where is this Course being offered?

    Our next TEFL class starts in:

    • 00Days
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    • 00Seconds

    We have a new class starting on the FIRST Monday of every month, so simply just let us know when you would like to attend. Courses are held year around in Chiang Mai, however in Krabi they are only held four times a year (April, May, October and November).

    • Year 2019

      January 7th
      February 4th
      March 4th
      April 1st
      May 6th
      June 3rd
      July 1st
      August 5th
      September 2nd
      October 7th
      November 4th
      December 2nd

    • Year 2020

      January 6th
      February 3rd
      March 2nd
      April 6th
      May 4th
      June 1st
      July 6th
      August 3rd
      September 7th
      October 5th
      November 2nd
      December 7th

    Winter Special

    15% discount given for the enrollment months of January – March 2018

    Custom Headline

    15% discount given for the enrollment months of July – September 2018

    Buddy Deal

    $100.00 discount for each buddy traveling together. Teach and travel with your buddy.