Articles about TEFL & Teaching in Thailand

How to Leverage Your TEFL Course During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything that we have seen in our lifetime and has highlighted many inefficiencies and flaws in many of the infrastructure systems that we have come ...

Learn to Teach English in Thailand from Qualified TEFL Teachers

Teaching English in Thailand is a truly amazing experience that can enrich your life and create so many new opportunities that you could have once only dreamed of. You will ...
Entrust TEFL Accreditation

Entrust TEFL is ISO IEC 17024:2012 certified

During recent years, this standard, developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which represents 162 countries which has changed the way certifications are offered and what constitutes quality certifications ...
TEFL course for couples

Traveling Couples Teaching Together in Thailand

Spouses, partners and BFFs have found a wonderful way to travel and work in together teaching English in Thailand. The Kingdom's 2016 Best TEFL Award winning Teach English as a ...

10 Questions most people ask themselves when picking a TEFL / TESOL company in Thailand

Why is course accreditation, course licensing, course endorsement and course recognition so important when picking a proper TEFL or TESOL teacher training course? 1) Is the TEFL / TESOL provider ...
Why should I choose Entrust TEFL

Why should I choose Entrust TEFL?

Why should I choose Entrust TEFL? Why should I choose Entrust TEFL. Making the decision to leave home and teach English abroad or simply just to travel and work abroad ...
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