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10 Questions most people ask themselves when picking a TEFL / TESOL company in Thailand

In Chiang Mai, Education, Krabi, Legal, TEFL by pat mcnaughton

As strange as that sounds, most TEFL / TESOL providers in Thailand are not legally registered businesses. They operate purely as a website and rent out conference rooms at a hotel or resort to provide the training.  If they are not a legally registered business, there will be zero legitimacy or consumer protection.  Holding a company registration should be the first basic element to look for as it sets a foundation of trust for the rest of the business. Rest assured, Entrust TEFL is a fully registered and bonded company with two permanent locations in Thailand. Being a legally registered business, does not only mean that we pay taxes and …

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Why should I choose Entrust TEFL?

In Education, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle, TEFL by Michelle Geldenhuys

Making the decision to leave home and teach English abroad or simply just to travel and work abroad can be somewhat daunting. There are so many agencies who claim to know it all. There is certainly no shortage of TEFL courses abroad either. At first you may choose to teach English in Thailand but after some time you may feel the urge to travel and explore other countries. Wouldn’t it then make more sense to earn a qualification that is recognized globally? You can travel to any country of your choice and you will be a certified TEFL Teacher holding a recognized qualification. Entrust TEFL is a globally recognized course which …

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Teaching English in Thailand

In Education, Inspiration, TEFL by pat mcnaughton

As an English-speaking citizen, from an English-speaking country – you don’t need much else in the line of qualifications to teach English in Thailand. It is the law of the jungle that the more qualified you are, the higher pay you will receive but you don’t need a degree to teach English in East Asia. However, I strongly recommend doing an accredited TEFL course to get your foot in the door, if you would like an easy route towards teaching english in Thailand.  These courses are offered either online or in-classroom and can take as little as 120 hours of study.  Various packages and options are also available to assist …

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TEFL Can Be a Career and Not Just a Job

In Education, Inspiration, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

While most people teaching English as a foreign language see it merely as a way to earn money while travelling the world, there are those who fall in love with teaching and choose to make a career of it. There is no reason why you too should not make a career of this gratifying and important profession.  With commitment, dedication and extra effort, any job can turn into a successful career.  There are those individuals who started off as TEFL workers who are now studying towards their PhDs in ESL or similar fields. By planning long-term goals and seeking promotion, you too can build a successful career out of TEFL, …

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Should You Teach in Thailand?

In Education, Inspiration, Legal by pat mcnaughton

Ten reasons why you should say, “YES!” The Children. Plain and simple, the students are amazing in Thailand. Teachers are highly respected in Thai culture, just below Buddhist Monks. When Thai children pass you in the hallways, they stop and Wai (bow their heads with their hands pressed together in a sign of respect and honor). Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the students here really want to learn English. Through teaching you immediately become aware of their humbleness and gratitude. There is no sense of entitlement among the students you will teach in Thailand, and the parents are extremely supportive in the learning process. You’re wanted. Along with the students, …

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Making the Most of Your Time Teaching in Thailand

In City Life | Chiang Mai, City Life | Krabi, Culture | Chiang Mai, Culture | Krabi, Education, Inspiration, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

Teaching in Thailand can be a rewarding, life-changing experience. It can be a springboard for adventure, an opportunity to build your resume, or a place to make your stand. However, you’ll never know Thailand, much less Southeast Asia, if you stay surrounded by Western co-teachers and friends hanging out with Western tourists eating hamburgers and pizza. As James Michener once wrote, “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” In that spirit, here are some ways to make the most of your time teaching in the Land of Smiles. Take time to learn the language! Even learning …

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English Varieties

In Education, TEFL by pat mcnaughton

English has many varieties emerging all over the world. The varieties can be modelled in the form of three outward expanding circles as proposed by Kachru. The Inner circle refers to all native like uses of English, such as standard British or American English which are ‘norm-providing’. These are societies where English is the primary language. The language use in the inner circle countries are used as the norm in countries where the English language does not have such an overwhelming presence in the society. The second circle, known as the Outer circle comprises English second languages, which have their own spoken norms, and rely on the inner circle for …