popular Thai dishes

Thailand on a Plate

Popular Thai dishes. One of everyone’s favorite parts of living in or visiting Thailand has got to be the deliciously spicy food and wide range of tropical fruits that you get to enjoy on a daily basis.  Thai cooking is simple and healthful, with spices adding unexpected zest to the most unassuming ingredients.  Vegetarian dishes …

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Thailand in October

Thailand is a beautiful place year round. In October the Northern and Central parts of Thailand begin to retract from the rainy seasons and places like Chiang Mai and Pai are particularly beautiful, cool and uncrowded. The Autumn equinox takes place in Chiang Mai, Thailand at the end of September. This year the equinox fell …

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English Varieties

English has many varieties emerging all over the world. The varieties can be modelled in the form of three outward expanding circles as proposed by Kachru. The Inner circle refers to all native like uses of English, such as standard British or American English which are ‘norm-providing’. These are societies where English is the primary …

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