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Why should I choose Entrust TEFL?

In Education, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle, TEFL by Michelle Geldenhuys

Making the decision to leave home and teach English abroad or simply just to travel and work abroad can be somewhat daunting. There are so many agencies who claim to know it all. There is certainly no shortage of TEFL courses abroad either. At first you may choose to teach English in Thailand but after some time you may feel the urge to travel and explore other countries. Wouldn’t it then make more sense to earn a qualification that is recognized globally? You can travel to any country of your choice and you will be a certified TEFL Teacher holding a recognized qualification. Entrust TEFL is a globally recognized course which …

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5 Reasons Why Thailand should be on your Teaching Destination Radar

In Teach to Travel, TEFL by Alexander Lambie

If you are considering teaching in another country, then the world is your oyster. You will find numerous teaching opportunities all over the world, so you could have quite a conundrum on your hands. Among the most popular of all teaching destinations, however, is Thailand. Each year, thousands of people head to the land of smiles looking for opportunities as teachers, and they tend to be glad that they did. In addition, when it comes to gaining teaching qualifications, Thailand based Entrust TEFL are award-winning TEFL program that will help ensure you have all the certificates you need. There are numerous reasons to choose Thailand as a destination for teaching, …

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Tales of a Travelling Teacher

In Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle, TEFL by pat mcnaughton

When I first applied for a teaching post in Thailand, I thought it would be a great way to get paid for traveling – an opportunity to visit another country, learn about its culture and get paid for the privilege; and boy, was I right! Teaching English in Thailand has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I have ever attempted. For starters, I took a TEFL course in Chiang Mai, which was integral to my journey and ensured that I set off on the right foot.  Apart from our lessons in the mornings which involved teaching techniques, lesson planning and the like, my classmates and I also …

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Getting Around Thailand on a Beer Budget

In Pubs and Clubs, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

Thailand is well-known as one of the best budget destinations on earth, particularly the smaller cities such as Chiang Mai. This city is filled with expats and creative types who have learned the knack of life and leisure on a shoestring budget, although it remains much less crowded than bustling Bangkok, which incidentally is also a lot more expensive. Getting around may not be as much fun when you are travelling while keeping a beady eye on your bahts. However, you can still get great satisfaction out of knowing that a baht saved on transport is an extra baht for sightseeing, sampling the tasty Thai cuisine and sleeping in greater …

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TEFL Can Be a Career and Not Just a Job

In Education, Inspiration, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

While most people teaching English as a foreign language see it merely as a way to earn money while travelling the world, there are those who fall in love with teaching and choose to make a career of it. There is no reason why you too should not make a career of this gratifying and important profession.  With commitment, dedication and extra effort, any job can turn into a successful career.  There are those individuals who started off as TEFL workers who are now studying towards their PhDs in ESL or similar fields. By planning long-term goals and seeking promotion, you too can build a successful career out of TEFL, …

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Traveling Couples Teaching Together in Thailand

In City Life | Chiang Mai, City Life | Krabi, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

Spouses, partners and BFFs have found a wonderful way to travel and work in together teaching English in Thailand. The Kingdom’s 2016 Best TEFL Award winning Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program now guarantees job placement in the same school for couples who sign up together. “We have about four sets of couples come through our course every month,” said Entrust TEFL’s Placement Director Neung McNaughton. “It’s easy to find jobs for couples who want to work together in Thai schools because there are so many openings for Native-English speakers who want to teach.” This boom for English teachers began in 2005 when the Thai government announced a …

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What does it mean to be a quality TEFL course in Thailand?

In Legal, Teach to Travel, TEFL by pat mcnaughton

How do you choose the right TEFL Program? How are they different? Aren’t they all the same? Well, not quite. In places like the United States, we have regulation entities like the Better Business Bureau to ensure high ethical standards are met for business conduct. In Thailand, the playing field is quite different, especially when it comes to TEFL teaching and training. There is currently no “license” or “approval” given by the Thai Ministry of Education for TEFL / TESOL providers in Thailand. The reason being is that generally TEFL companies consist of foreigners teaching foreigners and as there are no Thai nationals involved in this process, the Ministry does not license …

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Teaching English in Thailand – You’d Be Misguided Not To!

In Teach to Travel, TEFL by Alexander Lambie

They say that those that can’t do, teach. Well, those that teach in Thailand, can literally do anything. And of course, I don’t really believe people who don’t want to teach in Thailand to be mad; though I do think those who have often dreamed of the idea but are too afraid to do so, to be just that. In this article we are going to explore how and why teaching in Thailand is the positive change in your life that you’ve been waiting for. Immerse Yourself in a Beautiful and Unknown Culture When you hear the phrase: ‘travel broadens the mind’, most people scoff at it believing it to …

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Bangkok is a Backpacker’s Delight

In Culture | Chiang Mai, Culture | Krabi, Nightlife | Chiang Mai, Nightlife | Krabi, Pubs and Clubs, Teach to Travel by pat mcnaughton

There are many reasons for any tourist to visit Bangkok, but it is the ultimate destination for the shoestring-budget traveller.  Not only is the city a cheap destination to visit, but it is also a handy gateway for those wanting to explore the rest of South East Asia conveniently and cost effectively. Following in the footsteps of thousands that have gone before, backpackers can blaze a trail through all the most popular spots on the continent. Many paths lead from Bangkok, to Laos, via Vietnam to ancient Angkor Wat, and back to Thailand again, to join up with fellow travellers in a celebration of their journey. Many backpackers pause in …

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Opening the doors on South East Asia

In City Life | Chiang Mai, City Life | Krabi, Nightlife | Chiang Mai, Nightlife | Krabi, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

Bangkok is Thailand’s biggest, busiest and most vibrant city.  It is also your launch pad into the rest of South East Asia, with easy, cheap and convenient access to the rest of Thailand and beyond. Thailand’s main international airport is located in Bangkok, which means that you can get a flight to just about anywhere from this city. All the airlines which serve Thailand offer flights in and out of Bangkok, and there are a wide range of slots on the schedule to choose from when booking your seat.  More seats mean more price choices, and more special offers on these flights.  Low-cost carriers are also on the rise in …