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Why should I choose Entrust TEFL?

In Education, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle, TEFL by Michelle Geldenhuys

Making the decision to leave home and teach English abroad or simply just to travel and work abroad can be somewhat daunting. There are so many agencies who claim to know it all. There is certainly no shortage of TEFL courses abroad either. At first you may choose to teach English in Thailand but after some time you may feel the urge to travel and explore other countries. Wouldn’t it then make more sense to earn a qualification that is recognized globally? You can travel to any country of your choice and you will be a certified TEFL Teacher holding a recognized qualification. Entrust TEFL is a globally recognized course which …

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Thailand on a Plate

In City Life | Chiang Mai, City Life | Krabi, Culture | Chiang Mai, Culture | Krabi, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

One of everyone’s favourite parts of living in or visiting Thailand has got to be the deliciously spicy food and wide range of tropical fruits that you get to enjoy on a daily basis.  Thai cooking is simple and healthful, with spices adding unexpected zest to the most unassuming ingredients.  Vegetarian dishes are commonplace and presented in a tongue-twisting array of flavour combinations, with ample doses of fish, pork and chicken making an appearance too. Some of the most popular Thai dishes have made their way over to the West, but none of these can compare to an authentic Thai meal, prepared while you wait, by real Thai people. One …

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Loads To Do In Your Spare Time In Thailand

In Culture | Krabi, Nightlife | Chiang Mai, Nightlife | Krabi, Pubs and Clubs, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

Thailand is a holiday destination par excellence and there is no shortage of things to fill up your spare time, while teaching English in the busy centres or the quieter backwoods. A number of these are unique to Thailand such as Muai Thai, an ancient fighting art that will improve your mental and physical strength. Take some classes and burn off all calories from the delicious meals you will be indulging in during your time in Thailand. Talking of food, a Thai cookery class is considered one of the best souvenirs you can take home from Thailand.  A variety of different classes are offered in numerous different venues and by …

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The Role of the Teacher in Thai culture

In Culture | Chiang Mai, Culture | Krabi, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

Children spend a large part of their formative years in the hands of their teachers and even in western societies teachers are considered role models and mentors for young minds.  This is particularly true in Thailand, where great emphasis is placed on behaviour that could be considered polite, inoffensive and honourable by Thailand’s high standards. In the distant past, monks performed the role of teachers in Thailand and children were educated in the ways of the world in temples.  The monks were considered the absolute authority for moral development in the youth and had the power to decide on these morals subjectively. Although children are no longer educated by religious …

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Tales of a Travelling Teacher

In Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle, TEFL by pat mcnaughton

When I first applied for a teaching post in Thailand, I thought it would be a great way to get paid for traveling – an opportunity to visit another country, learn about its culture and get paid for the privilege; and boy, was I right! Teaching English in Thailand has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things I have ever attempted. For starters, I took a TEFL course in Chiang Mai, which was integral to my journey and ensured that I set off on the right foot.  Apart from our lessons in the mornings which involved teaching techniques, lesson planning and the like, my classmates and I also …

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What to do in Chiang Mai – Day or Night

In Chiang Mai, City Life | Chiang Mai, Culture | Chiang Mai, Nightlife | Chiang Mai, Pubs and Clubs, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

With its gorgeous natural attractions, laid-back atmosphere, and inexpensive prices, Chiang Mai is fast becoming one of the most popular tourist spots worldwide.  There are so many things to do at any time of the day in this little city, that by the time we have exhausted the list, I am quite sure that something new would have sprung up somewhere. While it may not feature the bright lights or big city brand of entertainment, Chiang Mai has a bustling nightlife with loads of live music venues featuring jazz, rock and classic blues tunes. For those who prefer good music to thumping beats, settling in with a few cool drinks …

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The Living is Easy in Thailand

In City Life | Chiang Mai, City Life | Krabi, Culture | Chiang Mai, Culture | Krabi, Teacher Lifestyle, Uncategorized by pat mcnaughton

Thailand is a fantastic destination for the penny-pinching traveller and teaching has got to be the perfect vocation. Teaching English in Thailand is easy after taking the Premium TEFL course offered by EntrustTEFL, which sets you up with everything you need to succeed. It also leaves you with enough time and resources to enjoy a high quality life and still save for further travels. The cost of living in Thailand, particularly in the smaller centres, is amazingly low when compared to America and other western countries. For example the average Consumer price index in Thailand is 45.79 compared to a CPI of 77.48 in the US.  This basically means that …

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Getting Around Thailand on a Beer Budget

In Pubs and Clubs, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

Thailand is well-known as one of the best budget destinations on earth, particularly the smaller cities such as Chiang Mai. This city is filled with expats and creative types who have learned the knack of life and leisure on a shoestring budget, although it remains much less crowded than bustling Bangkok, which incidentally is also a lot more expensive. Getting around may not be as much fun when you are travelling while keeping a beady eye on your bahts. However, you can still get great satisfaction out of knowing that a baht saved on transport is an extra baht for sightseeing, sampling the tasty Thai cuisine and sleeping in greater …

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Thailand’s Friendly Culture and People

In Culture | Chiang Mai, Culture | Krabi, Inspiration, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

Once you have taken up a position teaching English in Thailand, you will discover why this interesting country is known as ‘The Land of A Thousand Smiles’ and why it has become such a popular destination for tourists as well as those seeking gainful employment.  It’s not just the fantastic food and scenic beaches either. The people of Thailand are a nation of contrasts, composed of a mix of Indian and Chinese influences with a strong base of Thai elements.  Each of Thailand’s four regions has unique characteristics of its own, with one similarity – it seems that the folk here are perpetually grinning with inner satisfaction, or some wonderful …

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TEFL Can Be a Career and Not Just a Job

In Education, Inspiration, Teach to Travel, Teacher Lifestyle by pat mcnaughton

While most people teaching English as a foreign language see it merely as a way to earn money while travelling the world, there are those who fall in love with teaching and choose to make a career of it. There is no reason why you too should not make a career of this gratifying and important profession.  With commitment, dedication and extra effort, any job can turn into a successful career.  There are those individuals who started off as TEFL workers who are now studying towards their PhDs in ESL or similar fields. By planning long-term goals and seeking promotion, you too can build a successful career out of TEFL, …