Chiang Mai Attractions | Things to do in “The Rose of the North”

Chiang Mai, the second biggest city in Thailand,  it is definitely one of the most interesting and diverse places to visit. What makes it so special is that it caters to a wide variety of tastes, offering attractions for everyone.

When it comes to Temples and beautiful landscapes and various other attractions Chiang Mai is one of the richest cities. Whether you want jungles, waterfalls, elephant trekking, mountains or orchids, Chiang Mai will deliver.

Apart from the usual elephant trekking, visiting temples and doing some jungle trekking, we suggest you also visit the following places while you’re here.

Chiang Mai Attractions | Places to See | Things to Do

There are so many places to see and things to do in Chiang Mai! Each area of the city has it's own unique feel, mood and environment. Below are brief descriptions of some of the main attractions that draw people to Chiang Mai and the exciting things you can do in this historic city.

Chiang Mai Attractions | Huay Kaew Road

Huay Kaew Road leads out of Chiang Mai leads out of Chiang Mai into the picturesque Doi Suthep Mountain. Along the way Huay Kaew road leads off to many Chiang Mai attractions and is one of the primary draws for tourists, expatriates and local students from Chiang Mai University. Huay Kaew Road is home to numerous attractions and hangouts including Nimmanhaemin Road, Chiang Mai's new Maya Mall and the Chiang Mai Zoo.

Chiang Mai Attractions | Doi Suthep Mountain

With Huay Kaew Road at the foot of the world famous Doi Suthep Mountain this is attraction is visible wherever you might be in Chiang Mai. Aside from being crested with one of the most famous Buddhist Temples in all of Thailand Doi Suthep Mountain is also the chosen spot for Bhubing Palace (the Queen's Garden) and is home to Doi Pui Hill tribe. There are multiple waterfalls and viewpoints along the way up to Doi Suthep's summit this is a must see on any visit to Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Attractions | Town Center

Chiang Mai was once the capital of the Lanna Empire and was in a deadlock against the Burmese Empire for many years. With it's rich history and tangible evidence of ancient fort walls and the stunning moat surrounding the old city the Chiang Mai Town Center is an unavoidable destination. Don't miss out on the great Nightlife here, the Sunday Walking Market and the astonishing historical sites in and around the Old City.

Chiang Mai Atractions | Out of Town

One of the great things about Chiang Mai is it's size. Chiang Mai is big enough for you to have a great time inside the city with, fantastic food, great clubs, bars and more but Chiang Mai is also small enough for you to escape the city easily. Chiang Mai situated in the Ping Valley and has many stunning surrounding attractions such as Pai Town, Doi Inthanon and Huai Num Dung.

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