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What is the Process to get started?

  • Email us with questions and enrollment documents.

    Email us with ANY questions you may have and which month you plan on attending the course.  Our TEFL Certification courses start on the First Monday of each month except for March and September as Thai school holidays.   

    You are NOT required to be a native English speaker and you are NOT required to be a degree holder to enroll for the course or teach in Thailand.  Please email us the following information for our recruitment department so that they can guarantee your job placement upon completion of the course. 

    1) Passport (Just the Info page)
    2) CV / Resume
    3) Educational documents (Diploma, Metric, Degree, Certificates, whatever you have) 
    4) Introduction video (brief 30-second to a-minute video introducing yourself to our recruitment staff as they want to hear your tone and pronunciation in English as well as learn a little bit about you)

    Please email us here info@entrustTEFL.com

  • Approval for guaranteed job placement for our recruitment staff.

    Upon receipt of your email, we are happy to answer ANY questions you have by email or by phone.  You are planning on moving to a new country to live and work, with our over 20 years of training, visa, and job placement experience we are sure to give you honest and forthcoming advice.  

    Your documents and video will also be sent on to our recruitment staff for approval as we want to make sure you are guaranteed a job upon completion of the course.  If our recruitment staff feel that they are not able to provide guaranteed placement at this time, then that is important information needed before you enroll for our course. 

  • We email you welcome and arrival documents for your course date and location. 

    The welcome documents and location-specific arrival documents are emailed to you along with an invoice for your review.  We will ask that you pay a $500 deposit so that we can get things ready for you on this end and save your seat in that training month.  The remaining balance may be paid in increments prior to arrival or the entire balance can be paid here in Thailand at the training center. 

  • Flight arrival details and accommodation confirmation

    Once you have obtained and sent us your flight arrival details we can then provide you with an accommodation confirmation for your arrival here at immigration if you have opted for the 21 days of training accommodation. 

  • Arrival in Thailand

    You will be arriving on either a Visa on Arrival or a Visa from a Thai Embassy in your country. 

    Visa on Arrival -  This visa is the most popular as all you have to do is step off the airplane and receive 30 days with a 30-day extension to a total of 60 days.  This is far more time needed to complete the TEFL training course and meet your employers to swap out your tourist visa for a working visa and work permit. 

    Tourist Visa - This visa will require you to visit a Thai embassy to obtain a tourist visa. This visa will provide you with 60 days with a 30-day extension to a total of 90 days. Again this is far more time needed to complete the TEFL training course and meet your employers to swap out your tourist visa for a working visa and work permit. 

    Non-Immigrant Visa - If you have opted for the Visa starter package then you will arrive on the non-immigrant visa which will provide you with 90 days to obtain your work permit.  You may start your work permit process during the course and have it in hand before you graduate as it only takes 8-10 business days.  Once you obtain your work permit your visa is extended for one year of entry.  Having your work permit not only allows you to work legally but enables you to open a bank account, obtain a Thai driver's license, and many more basic necessities.

    Airport Pickup - If you have opted for the Training accommodation then we will collect you from the airport and take you to your accommodation to relax from your flight.

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