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If you are still unsure about the quality of our teacher training and placement programs, please let our previous students tell you in their own words what their experience was like at one of our training centers. We have placed 120 video testimonials for your review and if you are looking for more, then below the videos are written testimonials.

Writen Testimonials

Helenee Koekemoer
The best TEFL teachers possible!
Thank you for guiding all of us, regardless of who we were before we came here to becoming the best TEFL teachers possible. So grateful !!

Clarisse Pruneau
"An amazing 3 weeks of training"

A big thank you for an amazing 3 weeks of training. You have inspired me in allot of ways and such great motivator. All the best with the future TEFL students! I will certainly miss you!

Joanelle Meyer
"Second day of teaching and WOW its amazing!"

Only second day of teaching and WOW its amazing! Thank You for what you taught me!!!!!! I am currently with 5 year old kids:-) Gotta say i feel more than Golden!!!!

Cecilia Elizabeth Mentoor
"Beyond belief and comprehension!"

Thank you for allowing me to discover a part of myself that laid dormant. What you have been able to accomplish with everyone on the course, myself included, is beyond belief and comprehension! You have transformed us into world class Teachers of English as a foreign language!  I am eternally thankful to you.

Roderick Oberholzer
"With the help and guidance of Entrust, I have honestly achieved my life dream!"

Entrust gave me my first insight into the opportunities in Thailand and honestly gave me the advice of a lifetime. I started with Entrust as a very shy and “ in a box” kinda way of thinking person. In my first week, Entrust guided me on building confidence and in knowing that my dream to Teach English, and help my students have a better future, is very possible. I achieved confidence through the instructor’s confidence and it showed me that your attitude towards life is the only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams. With the help and guidance of Entrust, I have honestly achieved my life dream of being able to not only teach English as a foreign or second language, but to help people in a confident and life affirming a way!

Leandri van Heerden
"I have truly found my Passion in life!"
If someone had told me a year ago that I would be a Teacher in a foreign country I would have laughed at them. Although I love kids Teaching was never “the dream job”. I couldn’t have been more wrong. There was an instant light popping up in my head. Six weeks after that day she told me about the Teach in Thailand program I boarded a plane to Thailand to become a Teacher. I have been in Thailand for six months and have been loving every minute since then. I have not only found my dream job, but I have truly found my Passion in life. I admit that there are days when I just want to pack my bags and go home, but those days are few and far in between. I truly have one of the most rewarding jobs.

Levashnee Moodley
"I  truly appreciate Entrust TEFL and your dedication"
Got a job teaching maths to kids and its all thanks to you guys! Words can’t express how grateful I am for your assistance and patience, you guys are a truly gifted with loads of passion, thank u once again. I truly appreciate Entrust TEFL and your dedication to and care for your student teachers!

Meryl-Sue Kamies
"The greatest course ever!"
Thank you for your teachings of a balance of 10,000 hours, the laws of attraction in the universe and the refusal to be anything but happy in this life. The greatest course ever!

Tamzin Coelho
"It has opened my mind!"
Thank you for all the immensely motivational stuff. It has opened my mind not only to being a TEFL teacher in Thailand, but to every other aspect in my life. Really appreciate your dedication, not only as a teacher trainers, but as a people.

Shelby Bailey
"The best TEFL teacher training course ever!"
Just wanted to thank you personally for being the best TEFL teacher training course ever and showing us the in’s and out’s of teaching English as a second language. I had a great 21 days as TEFL student, you definitely opened up new views on life and I am so grateful

Claire Kavanagh
"They did everything to ensure I felt welcomed, comfortable and happy!"
When I arrived off the plane in Chiang Mai to the friendly smiles of Neung and Pat I knew I had made the right decision. They did everything to ensure I felt welcomed, comfortable and happy! Our resort was out of this world and the whole atmosphere was amazing!! The course taught me everything I needed to know to embark on a career of teaching English. Once completed Pat and Neung found me a great opportunity in a private academy. Since Thailand I have worked in Spain, England, Ireland and now I am currently teaching in a university in Saudi Arabia- All because I took a chance and boarded that plane to Chiang Mai- Thanks again Pat and Neung for everything you have done for me!!!!!:-)

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