Entrust TEFL travels to Kamkao school in the North-East Thailand to donate books for their new library

Entrust TEFL and the Future Advance Foundation travelled to the northeastern region of Thailand to visit to Kamkao School, in the Sawang Daen Din district of Sakon Nakhon Province. The northeast, a region known as ‘Isaan’, is the poorest part of the country and is well-known for its friendly people, spicy food and colourful culture. Receiving a warm welcome from the teachers and students, the visitors were treated to songs, local delicacies and even traditional dance performances. During the course of a productive day, Entrust donated clothes, blankets, toys, books and many other much needed items to the school. They also assisted in the opening of the school’s new library and participated with students in giving the playground a colourful “face-lift”. Sawang Daen Din is one of many schools across Thailand to have benefited from charitable activities on the part of Entrust and the Future Advance Foundation.

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