Job Placement Finalization – Contract signing

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Contract signing

During your teacher training course, you will be getting multiple offers from different schools and agents by speaking with them either personally, by phone, or via Skype asking those questions that are important to you. It is very important to get a good feeling, comfort level, and commitment from them before you head to the school to limit any surprises.

Questions like; where is the school located, what levels will I be teaching, how many contact hours per week will I have, what type of benefits can I expect, what type of salary can I expect, where will I live and will you help me find a place?

Normally at Entrust TEFL you graduate on Friday and you are physically working in the school earning a salary that Monday morning, however for some this might be too quick and would like to take a short holiday before they start working, which is fine…just communicate that to the school and let them know when you would like to start.

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