Learner Motivation

Learner Motivation

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Here we look at power based relationships, and the ways in which a teacher can elicit positive (or negative) behavioral patterns. Group formations and how they influence motivation are also studied, as well as creating a cohesive classroom environment to encourage learner autonomy.

Power relationships are typically defined as an individual’s potential to effect another person’s or group of people’s behavior. Obviously, communication is a key component of the style and nature of your power balance in the classroom.

There are three recognized categories of power based relationships: coercive, reward based and referent based. Coercive power is an authoritarian style of power and involves using punishment as a form of behavior modification. It is not seen as a desirable power trait, especially in an ESL classroom when learning should be fun and all inclusive.

Reward based power is where the teacher elicits positive behavioral patterns via a mixture of intrinsic or extrinsic reward. This can be as simple as dishing out high 5’s, providing praise and encouragement, handing out stickers/candy, or even something as simple as allowing free time in the classroom after an activity. This form of power diminishes after time, and students will eventually come to expect a reward every single time positive behavior is accomplished. This can lead to problematic situations and conflicts of learning standards.

Referent power is the mutual respect and adoration between student and teacher – where they both strive to achieve loyalty, respect, admiration and friendship. This is the best type of power based relationship as it enables your students to become autonomous learners.


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