Teacher Administration

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Teacher Administration

Your first day is fast approaching, and it can be a daunting experience walking into a classroom for the first time. This chapter is designed in order to prepare you for your first days/weeks in a new classroom and best prepare you to make a great transition from TEFL student to teacher!

Solid preparation can assist your progression not only in the initial stages of your teaching career, but establish a good foundation to build upon for a whole semester of work. A professional approach to teaching will consolidate confidence within yourself, and also show your superiors and colleagues that you are committed and hard-working.

Planning begins with your lesson plan: but also extends to what kind of materials you are going to use, how you are going to use them, the overall objective of the lesson, and any other resources you may be required to use. Planning for your lessons not only requires physical preparation (of materials and written plans) but also extensive mental preparation. Down to the finest details of your lesson, such as:

Who am I going to ask the first question of elicitation to? How am I going to maintain the attention of the class? What kind of problems am I going to potentially encounter, if any? How do I solve any of these problems? How am I going to get the whole class to participate equally? How do I encourage the slower learners to get involved? How do I stop the more advanced students from getting bored?

You may not read it within the textbook: but mental preparation and visualization are just as: if not the most important aspect of lesson planning.

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Assessment Category: Lesson Planning & Resource Development

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