Teaching English Online

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The Teaching of English Online

Teaching English online is also a niche market that can either supplement your monthly income or provide a full monthly salary: depending on your level of commitment and student retention base/reputation. In this chapter, we discuss techniques for teaching online, as well as the differences between online and classroom teaching.

In the new age of global access to technology, teaching English online has become more and more relevant to ESL teachers. The bulging Chinese middle class, the emergence and strength of the ASEAN Economic Network, and the increase of globalized business environments make the world’s common language, English, a very important tool to obtain.

Applications on mobile phones such as PalFish and Nice Talk enable Chinese natives (non-English speakers) to call your mobile phone, just in order to have functional conversational use of English in an informal setting. However, companies such as English Everywhere, Kuku Speak, and a myriad of others, will formally employ their members of staff via an interview process and lesson demonstration.

The same processes and structures apply for teaching English online as well as in the classroom. Your students will most likely have a structured course outline and understand/study the lesson before you deliver the class. As a teacher, your job is to facilitate and encourage the use of natural spoken language, avoiding disruptions and distractions to the flow of conversation.

A particular point of focus may also be required in your lessons - as some students may employ your services purely in order to study for the IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC examinations. In order to successfully assist your students, you will need to become familiar with the exam material: structuring lessons in order to provide them with the best possible preparation.

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