Teaching of Business English – Corporate Coaching

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The Teaching of Business English (Corporate Coaching)

Teaching business English differs from elementary/secondary level teaching, as it is generally very specific content, designed to suit a functional business objective. With the introduction of the ASEAN network, more companies are looking globally for business opportunities, so the need for company employees to have a strong command of the English language is a growing market.

Teaching Business English involves the same processes and theories that have been discussed in all of the preceding chapters. The major difference however, is the specialized nature and delivery of your lessons. A business English teacher will most likely be provided with a stringent list of desired outcomes and objectives to work towards - and will be in control of a professional classroom environment. Professionalism is vital within a company looking to advance in a highly globalized business environment.

Performing a company/individual needs analysis is an important process in becoming a successful business English teacher. Acquiring knowledge on the formal business structures of the company, what products/services the company offers, who their major competitors are, and knowing the mission statement/core values of the company will enable you to align your teaching style and lessons to tailor their requirements.

You may need to adapt to different and dynamic thinking strategies to maximize involvement in a business English class. A class may typically be after a long day of work, so creating a fun, but engaging environment will maintain the attention of your students. Relevant topical lessons are also important, and you may need to teach them how to negotiate/close contracts, read financial reports, understand corporate responsibility or employ critical thinking in English.

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Assessment Category: Specialized Teaching Disciplines (ESP)

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