Huay Kaew Road | Chiang Mai

Huay Kaew Road is the primary road leading out of Chiang Mai into Doi Suthep Mountain. The road is home to many great stops along the way, these are the ones we recommend.

Nimmanhaemin Road

Away from the more touristy areas of Chiang Mai and just off Huay Kaew Road, Nimman is located near Chiang Mai University which is a popular hipster destination for Thai university students and expatriates alike. During the day, Nimman has some great coffee shops, bistros, restaurants, local shops, a shopping mall, and relaxing places to hang out. At night Nimman lights up and is alive with some of the best bars, clubs, and restaurants in town, offering a range of foods and drinks accompanied by fantastic live entertainment. Whatever you are looking for, whether it’s beer buffets, great food, a nice cup of coffee, a few chilled drinks, or a good night out with your friends, Nimman has it all.

Rincome Market

Close to Nimman in front of Chiang Mai University’s campus is Rincome Market, another popular student location and one of the best local night markets in Chiang Mai. Here you can find cheap, decent, and fashionable clothing, bags, souvenirs, shoes, sunglasses, perfume, watches, accessories, amazing Japanese and Thai food, local bars, and much more. Rincome market is open from the early evening to late night. Rincome is ideally located for women to start a good night out with some good shopping while boys can get the night going with a game of pool nearby Nimmanhaemin road.

Wat Umong Temple

Wat UMong is one of Chiang Mai’s oldest temples is close to the centrally located Old City just off Huay Kaew Road. It was initially a temple situated in the dense jungle when Chiang Mai was based within its ancient city walls. Today there are beautiful old temple ruins and tunnels to see as well as a large pond where you can feed giant catfish. This is probably one of the best temples to visit while you are in Chiang Mai and attracts many tourists and Thai locals.

Chiang Mai Zoo

If you want to see hippos, massive pythons, king cobras, crocodiles, pandas, marine life, lions, tigers, llamas, giraffes, parrots, sloths, and many other amazing animals, Chiang Mai Zoo is a great place to visit. It houses over 2,000 animals, offers a range of recreational activities, has spectacular views of Chiang Mai, and is based at the bottom of Doi Suthep Mountain. Chiang Mai zoo is great for a day trip with family or a group of friends and is very easy to get to from the center of town.

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