Learn to Teach English in Thailand from Qualified TEFL Teachers

Teaching English in Thailand is a truly amazing experience that can enrich your life and create so many new opportunities that you could have once only dreamed of. You will be able to experience a beautiful new culture, make friends for life, and enjoy one of the most splendid tropical climates the world has to offer. Truly, if you are looking for a change of pace and wish to take a year or so out to live on the other side of the world, then a TEFL course in Thailand could be just the ticket you’ve been searching for.

However, the difficult part is finding the right TEFL school for you to attend. You’ll see a number of easy and affordable online courses that you can take, but how much in the way of preparation do you really get from that? What other experience do you gain besides a few words on a page? Our Hybrid TEFL course, designed with the current Pandemic in mind gives you both the safety of online learning in combination with Teacher experience in the land of smiles.

If you wish to not only gain a new qualification, but an insight into what life as a teacher in Thailand will be like; what you can expect in the classroom; which social etiquettes you should be aware of, and so much more; then a quality TEFL course from a reputable native English speaking school will be your best option. Let’s explore the benefits a little further.

Learn from people who have been there and done that

Teaching jobs in Thailand are very different from other countries, which is why a generic TEFL course will not prepare you for life in Thailand. Instead, you must seek out a reputable school in Thailand that has native English teachers to guide you. They will have worked for many years as English teachers in Thailand and will be able to give you some great insight into what you can expect when you start work.

Obviously, no matter how much preparation and advice you receive, your new life will never be quite as you expect it. However, at least you will feel much more confident going into this new experience head-on.

They can offer general life and survival tips

Life in Thailand is amazing with a reasonably great cost of living. One of the first things that you will notice is just how cheap it is to eat out. Certainly, there is no shortage of expensive restaurants, Western takeaways, and costly bars and nightclubs. However, if you are happy to embrace life like a local, you can live an excellent quality of life, whilst saving a bit of money each month.

The great thing about learning from a qualified TEFL teacher is that they can share their life experiences with you. Learning about Thailand from a native English speaker who has lived in Thailand for several years will be a lot more beneficial to you than doing an online course. They will be able to share unique hints and tips on how to get by, what to watch out for, and which awesome places to go and visit.


The fact is, anyone can teach you TEFL so long as they have the material. However, learning from people who have actively taught English in Thailand themselves will be a much more enriching experience for you. Our advice would be to seek out a reputable TEFL school in Thailand, before making any commitments.

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