Online or Onsite – The Ultimate TEFL Study Question

Advantages and disadvantages of studying online. Before you undertake to teach English as a foreign language in Thailand, you need to equip yourself with a recognized qualification.  This will empower you when searching for employment, and equip you to perform at your best once you are employed.

Four main certification options are available to you in this regard:

  • The CELTA is a standardized teaching qualification
  • TESOL/TESL offered at universities
  • TEFL which can take a variety of forms
  • Online TEFL courses which are completed over the internet

Although all TEFL courses end in the same qualification, the onsite courses have significantly more benefits than distance education over the internet.

The main advantages of studying online are cost and time.  Online courses are cheaper, and the required 140 hours of study may be completed in your own time.  They are ideal for those who would like to gain a qualification without taking the huge step of leaving their home country.

On the other hand, onsite TEFL courses have many benefits for students wishing to embark on a successful teaching career abroad.

Onsite TEFL courses offer the major advantage of gaining valuable hands-on experience. You will be required to execute a minimum of six lessons for local students in order to gain your qualification.

  • Experienced trainers are on hand to assist you with face-to-face queries instantly, whereas your online mentor may be delayed in responding. You also have the benefit of interacting with and learning from your fellow students while studying onsite.
  • You will have access to a range of effective teaching materials for lesson planning during your onsite instruction.
  • Job-hunting is a breeze when studying onsite.  You will already be in the place where you wish to be employed and will have started to learn the language and customs, as well as make important contacts in the job market
  • Lastly, the fun and exploration start immediately with an onsite course.  You will make friends amongst your fellow students and already be familiar with your surroundings before starting to look for a job, which goes a long way towards improving your confidence and setting your mind at ease.

advantages and disadvantages of studying online. Before embarking on any of these courses, do your research and make sure that you choose a reputable training institution before handing over any cash or making any life-changing decisions.

The best TEFL schools will provide excellent assistance and job opportunities on completing your certification, regardless of whether you study online or onsite.

Which method of instruction do you prefer?

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