Course Start dates:

Pick a date below to start the Online portion of your training, then arrive in Thailand to complete.

December 14th - 25th


January 11th - 22nd
February 8th - 19th
March 8th - 19th

June 14th -  25th
July 12th - 23rd
August 9th - 20th
September 13th - 24th
December 13th - 24th

Online TEFL (LIVE) Course

Our Online TEFL course provides the same world-class instruction as our in-class sessions. Going through our virtual TEFL training platform with live trainers will not only allow you to discover "the what" of ESL but also "the how" to teach through live teaching practices during your course. 

The Online (LIVE) TEFL Course allows you to undergo daily training in our virtual classroom at designated class times to suit your location. While undergoing your TEFL training, you can interact with both your Instructor and your fellow students in a virtual classroom setting from the comfort of your home.

Upon successful completion of the Online (LIVE) portion of the TEFL course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which will enable you to start earning income teaching English online.

Once you are able to travel to Thailand to undergo the last week of training and teaching practice to real ESL students in local schools under the individual observation and guidance of our experienced TEFL teacher training staff to obtain your 140-hour in-class TEFL certification. 

  • Enroll for the Online (LIVE) TEFL Course

    Register for the Online (LIVE) TEFL course and join a daily scheduled virtual classroom in your time zone where you are able to interact with both your instructor and classmates from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Receive a 100 hour Certificate of Completion

    Obtain a certificate of completion of both the Theoretical and Practical knowledge modules that will allow you to explore teaching classes online from home to gain both valuable experience and income.  The additional 40 hours of training will take place in Thailand.

  • Arrive in Thailand to complete your Training

    Travel to Thailand to complete the remaining Real-world knowledge module where you will undergo observation and assessment on-site by our experienced teacher training staff.  This module allows you to conduct full lessons both to your peers and full days of real teaching practice at local schools to real learners of ESL.

  • Receive your 140 hour TEFL Certification

    Obtain a 140-hour in-class TEFL training certification and start working as a teacher in Thailand or abroad. 

  • Job Placement Guarantee

    If you have signed up for the Premium TEFL Program you are guaranteed job placement along with Airport pick-up, Resort / Hotel accommodation, and an organized excursion.

Online (LIVE) TEFL Course Options:

Basic TEFL Course                $850 

2 weeks Live Zoom Classroom (Theoretical and Practical knowledge)
1 Week Onsite in Chiang Mai Thailand (Real-world knowledge)
40-hour Thai language (Online)
Thai Sim Card and Teachers starter pack
140-hour In-class TEFL certification upon completion

Premium TEFL Program           $1650 

The Elements supplied in the Basic TEFL Course (Plus)

+ Airport Pick-up
+ 1 Week Resort Accommodation with daily breakfast
+ 1 Jungle excursion/Thai Culture Immersion tour
+ Job Placement guarantee

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