Our new Pattaya beach TEFL training location


March & October



Enjoy the tropical surroundings of Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, and many stunning sun drenched Islands during your free time from our amazing TEFL course.



During our immersive Thai cultural trips we visit a beach side famous Buddhist temple to get blessed by the monks and other educational tours take us inland to the dense jungles.



During the evenings after the TEFL training class you will experience the true energy and become a willing participant of non-stop party atmosphere of the Pattaya nightlife.


The Pattaya TEFL training location, does not include TEFL training accommodation at this time and only Basic TEFL course is available. Please click below to find accommodation that best suits your individual needs during the three week TEFL training course.  (Please Note: The Pattaya Training area is located in Jomtien Beach near the intersection of Thep Prasit Road and Thappraya Road.)

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