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Upon the completion of the teaching practicum, all teachers are awarded a volunteer certificate by the school.                    It is something useful as well as a sentimental reminder of your first teaching experience.

Teaching Observation and Practice

Teaching Observation and practice on real students of ESL is a critical part of any teacher training program. Entrust TEFL has over the years identified the need for teachers to practice their skills within real classroom settings before heading out to their job placements. We have included three full days of school practicum and observation to fulfill this need.

At the school, practicum teachers are given the opportunity to transfer the skills learned in the TEFL classroom directly into a real classroom. They are also able to engage with learners and gain an authentic feel for what teaching in Thailand really entails.

We focus on providing the teaching practicum to underprivileged schools in Chiang Mai or Krabi. Many of the schools have never had Native English Speaking teachers within their classrooms and the interaction is highly appreciated by the teachers and students alike.

At this stage of the TEFL course, our soon-to-be qualified TEFL teachers are able to put every aspect of their training into practice. They are required to tackle real teaching tasks such as class scheduling, Lesson planning, Lesson sequencing, classroom management, and delivery of high-quality lessons all under observed teaching practice by our training staff. Although this might be one of the most challenging times throughout the program, it is also the most rewarding as teachers experience the practical aspects of teaching. This together with the hands on knowledge from the TEFL classroom makes for effective training and preparation.

The proof is in the pudding. Entrust TEFL teachers are among the most sought after in Thailand which directly lead to us being awarded the BEST TEFL provider in Thailand as our teachers are the most prepared to enter the classroom than ANY other TEFL provider. We have carefully and continuously adapted our TEFL program in order to ensure that our teaching methods are always up to date and relevant. Observed teaching practice is essential to hone your skills and build your confidence before you hit your first classroom as a full-fledged ESL teacher.
Upon the completion of the teaching practicum all teachers are awarded with a volunteer certificate by the school. It is something useful as well as a sentimental reminder of your first teaching experience.

English Camps

After a few tough days of intensive English lessons our teachers and students are able to engage in a fun and constructive English camp. This well-deserved treat encourages students to practice some of their newly acquired English skills. The camp is designed to enhance student involvement, fun and English production.

With so much to gain for both teachers and students alike English camps form an essential part of our program. As one of the most enjoyable elements of the program you are guaranteed to enjoy what English camps offer

Why it’s good for teachers...

English camp is a popular way for TEFL teachers to make an additional income during the holidays or on weekends. Why not learn how to coordinate and conduct this camp yourself.


  1. Learn the skill of coordinating and delivering an English Camp
  2. Assume responsibility
  3. Improve your creative and critical thinking skills.
  4. Learn how to cooperate with fellow teachers
  5. Earn additional income.
  6. Have fun and good for the soul.

Why it’s good for students...

We have all experienced the monotony of school in some way or another. English camps will get them out of the classroom to help break the cycle and offer our students something fun while learning English. Students feel less pressure being in a relaxed environment, improving their willingness to take part and contribute throughout camp.


  1. Students improve English through real life situations
  2. Fun games and activities
  3. Interaction with friends in an English environment.
  4. A fun and interactive learning environment.
  5. Relaxing atmosphere
  6. Engaging presentations and performances.
  7. Awesome memories
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