Looking to Teach English in Thailand? Why Entrust TEFL should be your first choice.

Teach English with an established award-winning TEFL provider

English teaching courses have become increasingly popular over recent years, particularly in Thailand. This is because it offers the opportunity to explore a new culture, whilst being able to earn money and give back to the community. We have built Entrust TEFL over the last 18 years, happily sharing this gift with our valued students and graduates. It’s a beautiful cycle that we take great pride in; arming people with the skills required to help young students in Thailand (and the rest of the World) learn English as a foreign language. This gift that keeps on giving has positively impacted the lives of many young students and we would love for you to be a part of it!

Teach in Thailand with guaranteed placements

Entrust TEFL is globally recognized and provides one of the highest quality- TEFL certification courses available in Thailand today. Not only do we focus on core skills, but real-world teaching training to give our graduates the confidence to teach in any classroom worldwide. Since our inception in 2004 we have trained and placed over 5,700 English teachers that are currently working as ESL teachers throughout Asia or worldwide.

Our teacher training course will earn you a TEFL certification that will allow you to teach in Thailand and is also recognized around the globe. Our teacher placement program allows you the chance to embark on a truly amazing and life-changing TEFL experience.

TEFL Program Offered

Entrust TEFL provides one of the most sought-after programs in Thailand. Not only does it provide you with expert in-class training in modern facilities and real world teaching experience to real Thai students of English as a secondary language; but our Premium Program also includes resort accommodation, Thai immersion trips and excursions such as an visiting an elephant rescue centre, white water rafting, waterfall hikes, snorkelling, trips to tropical islands via long tail boats and many other included extras as part as of the TEFL program. So, on top of being able to learn how to teach English as a foreign language; you’ll be embarking on a truly lifechanging and enthralling adventure, – one that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Our Basic TEFL Course which provides the full in-class portion, allows people to customize their own experience. Of course, you’re more than welcome to join the Premium program participants on the excursions, though you will have to arrange that for yourself. You’re also very welcome to stay at our accommodation or you can book your own elsewhere. And we will certainly help you to find somewhere to teach in Thailand, but you can find your own placement if you would prefer.

140 hrs. In-Class TEFL Course

Course Books & Study Materials

New Teachers Starter Pack

Thai SIM Card and Internet

In-Country Cultural Orientation

Three Full Days at a Real School

Conduct a Real English Camp

Certified Volunteer Certificate

Access to Student data base & LMS

Internationally recognized

Ongoing Alumni Support

2 hrs. Thai Language Lessons

Our in-class training program is unique because we offer a Premium package for those who would like to simply pack their bags and arrive, with absolutely everything in order. Teaching English overseas doesn’t have to be as complicated as you might expect; we will take care of absolutely everything for you, including accommodation, exploration and your Visa! Once working at the school, we are still with you every month paying you salary and giving you support that expect.

Everything Included in the Basic TEFL Course plus the following:

40 hrs. Thai Language Lessons

Airport Pick up

Visa Support (Tourist / Non-Imm.)

Jungle / Island Excursions

Resort / Hotel Accommodation

Thai Culture Immersion Trips

Job Placement Guarantee

* Provided exclusively by our external vendors

Course Discounts

If people are arriving on a tight budget and cannot afford some aspects like cultural excursions, there is no need to worry because they can customize the package to include only a certification course and job placement. The way you experience Thailand is entirely up to you. You can get involved as little or as much as you like. If you would like to attends the trips with your classmates, then you can always add that option once you’ve arrived at your training location.

What is Included?

Internationally Recognized TEFL Certificate

Our TEFL training certificate is truly internationally recognized as we physically have our graduates currently working around the globe. Our certificate not only holds international accreditation, but also certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs making it accepted by any school or agency worldwide.

Certified Volunteer Certificate

The volunteer certificate is a collaboration of the three days you spent at the school volunteering your time as well as gaining valuable hands-on teaching experience. This is a real volunteer certificate given by the local school district or school director.

New Teachers Starter Pack

Along with your training material, we provide you with needed teaching equipment and simple essentials during class so you don’t need to bring them yourself like; a note book, pens, white board markers, t-shirt, a bag to put it all in and so much more during your training course.

Among many others, see here for full list 

Our Training Locations:

Thailand is the perfect place to study, and you can choose to do your TEFL course in Chiang Mai or Krabi with new classes starting on the first Monday of every month. Our teacher training course will earn you a TEFL certification that will allow you to teach in Thailand and is also recognized around the globe. Our teacher placement program allows you the chance to embark on a truly amazing and life-changing TEFL experience.

About the TEFL Course

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best possible TEFL training, so that our graduates can earn higher salaries and get the most out of teaching English in Thailand. The happier our graduates, the happier the teachers and of course the happier the teachers; the richer the experience the students will have. We will share with you everything that you need to change lives and help out communities in a foreign land. When teaching English as a foreign language you are sharing a valuable gift. You are arming young students with the means of building a successful future for themselves. We absolutely love what we do, and we believe that you will too!

Entrust TEFL is an internationally recognized teacher training certification.

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