Teaching English in Thailand – A Graduate View


As an English-speaking citizen, from an English-speaking country – you don’t need much else in the line of qualifications to teach English in Thailand. It is the law of the jungle that the more qualified you are, the higher pay you will receive but you don’t need a degree to teach English in East Asia.

However, I strongly recommend doing an accredited TEFL course to get your foot in the door, if you would like an easy route towards teaching english in Thailand.  These courses are offered either online or in-classroom and can take as little as 120 hours of study.  Various packages and options are also available to assist you, some including accommodation and even educational excursions to lend a hand in your cause.

I found this made it so much easier for me to find a job and also eliminated a lot of the uncertainty of travelling to a foreign country alone. My agents were extremely helpful in setting me up with a job, accommodation and assisting with VISA and other tedious paperwork.

There are several different kinds of teaching posts available in Thailand from private tutoring to public schools and there are no shortages of jobs either.  All of these offer unique salaries, benefits and working hours, so you are certain to find something that suits you.  Approach placement agencies and consult websites like Ajarn.com to assist you in making a decision.

Although teaching in Thailand is a great way to travel and get paid, it is still a job and I was fortunate to find one which only required my services in the afternoon, which gave me ample time to explore the countryside in the mornings, get to work on time and enjoy a night on the town with fellow expats in the evenings.

There is a lot to be said for the rural areas in terms of peace and tranquillity, but I preferred my times in the larger centres such as Chiang Mai and Krabi.  In these more developed areas there is lots more to do and many more like-minded travellers to meet up with.

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