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The TEFL Certification Online Hybrid Course requires 10 LIVE instruction sessions via Zoom.

You will be required to have a stable internet connection and access to a computer or smartphone 

TEFL Certification Online (LIVE) Hybrid Course

The TEFL Certification Online (LIVE) Hybrid Course allows you to start your TEFL training from home and finish here in Thailand. The course is the same high-quality training and outcomes as our award-winning on-site teacher training classes here in Thailand.

The online Hybrid option allows students who need the flexibility of online learning, but still, want in-person practice teaching sessions. This engaging course includes plenty of video material, quizzes, and assignments for an interactive learning experience. Please note the TEFL certificate online courses are live class sessions, not prerecorded media, video, or simple text. 

Our TEFL Certification Online (Live) TEFL training will allow you to discover "the what" of ESL but also "the how" to teach through live teaching practices during your online course. The online course assignments and other outcomes will be done through our online training portal.

During your Hybrid TEFL certification online course, you become familiar with the principles of successful ESL teaching. You develop the practical skills needed to teach English anywhere in the world effectively. During the online portion of the course, your TEFL Trainer will challenge you while coaching you every step of the way.

During your TEFL course online, you’ll learn the best teaching practices that will improve your skills as an educator. A lot of people think “If I speak English, I can teach it, right?” But this isn’t the case.

Teaching a language is very different from speaking a language. Some people who speak excellent English don’t make great teachers. Teaching, like any skill, must be learned and practiced.

In our TEFL certification online course, you’ll have the opportunity to do exactly that. Getting a TEFL certification is especially important if you don’t have a formal teaching background. You’ll want to gain as much practical teaching knowledge as possible to impress your future students and employers.

  • Enroll for the TEFL Certification Online Hybrid (LIVE) TEFL Course

    Register for the TEFL Certification Online Hybrid TEFL course and start your live class sessions. The online TEFL course is through Zoom so that you can interact with both your TEFL instructor and fellow classmates. The TEFL course online offers live interactive instruction followed by traditional online study. You may conveniently do your instruction through your tablet or smartphone, but a computer is recommended for the coursework.

The Online TEFL course certification training portion is conducted live through Zoom Classrooms. The online training is 10 sessions of live instruction through our teaching portal. by one of our on-site experienced TEFL trainers using the same material used in our classrooms.

During the course, you will have the support of a dedicated teacher. The teacher will mark your work, provide feedback, and answer any questions during the course. The online course covers both theoretical and practical training modules. The Online TEFL certification takes place through live in-person instruction, with no pre-recorded material.

Learn to teach, from real teachers during your live TEFL training. You will interact with both your instructor and your fellow students within the virtual classroom setting. A hybrid TEFL course allows you to study ESL teaching online, and then complete in-person practicum (or practice teaching) sessions onsite.

To start the online portion of the course, you will be required to have a stable internet connection and the use of a laptop, computer, or smartphone to join the classes and complete the online assignments. Learn about classroom management, teaching styles, and advanced TEFL methodology. Study with a personal tutor and meet fellow students on our course forums. Includes units on business English, young learners, and teaching English one-to-one.

  • Receive your 140 hour TEFL Certification (Onsite)

    Obtain a 140-hour TEFL onsite training certification.  Obtaining an onsite TEFL training certification (rather than an online certification) will be of greater benefit as it is both internationally accredited and recognized by recruiters worldwide.  Most purely Online training certifications are not accepted by recruiters or the labor departments as legitimate training, thus you will not receive a working visa or work permit to work legally.  


Travel while teaching English or vocational other skills. Earning your Entrust TEFL certification will certainly earn you a job here in Thailand with our award-winning reputation, however, you will also be welcomed globally with your TEFL qualification.

Without prior teaching experience, your first few months on the job may be a nightmarish series of obstacles only overcome through repeated trial and error.  Our Entrust TEFL course will adequately prepare you to teach English abroad so that you’re completely aware of what to expect as a first-time teacher abroad.

  • Get placed in a teaching position in Thailand

    Entrust TEFL has an amazing 100% placement rate for our graduates. We offer guaranteed placement for both degree and non-degree holders, and both native and non-native. 

How the TEFL Certification Online Hybrid works:

  • FIRST: Start your Online portion of the course

    This will require 10 LIVE training sessions with a TEFL instructor and your peers, which will require an internet connection and a computer to attend the class. 

    The online training portion will require 10 days of live instruction through Zoom, however, daily assignments will be given. The online course will also involve our training platform, allowing you to progress through our TEFL training course book and unit reviews.

    The Coursework, lesson planning, projects, and other outcomes will be done via our traditional online training portal as daily homework. Once you complete both the theoretical and Practical learning outcomes arrive in Thailand to finish the course.


  • 2nd: Arrive in Thailand to complete the course

    Select an arrival date to complete the on-site training in person, physically here in Thailand. Once you complete both your online and on-site portion of the course you will receive your 140-hour TEFL Certification. We can place you in a teaching job almost immediately or when you are ready to start working. We place our TEFL graduates nationwide but are open to teaching location requests.

    Upon completion, you will be TEFL certified to teach anywhere in the world as well as teach English online. Many English teachers are required to teach online and many other course options.

Price: $750

What is Included:

  • Online TEFL Certification Course

    10 Live teacher training sessions through Zoom and online portal 

  • Teacher Recruitment Course (5-days)

    Arrive for an in-country orientation, refresher, peer, and real school teaching 

  • Course Materials and Welcome Pack 

    pen, notebook, and training materials will be supplied during the course

  • 140 hour In-Class TEFL Certificate 

    140 hour in-class TEFL certification 

  • Job Placement Guarantee 

    Guaranteed teaching position upon completion by our recruitment staff

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January 15th - 2024
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