TEFL Certification Course Thailand (140 hour)

Our 140-hour TEFL certification course is truly the most comprehensive within Thailand. The TEFL course in Thailand technique combines both theoretical motivations of teaching and practical aspects during onsite instruction. Our Certificate TEFL course is both immersive and hands-on, as we believe the best way to gain knowledge and confidence as a teacher is through physically doing it.

The observed TEFL program teaching practice to real learners of ESL provides our graduates with needed real-world training. The hands-on aspects of our teaching English as a foreign course certification training will be further enhanced during our teaching practice and observations at local schools to real learners of ESL during the TEFL training.

Our TEFL certification Thailand course will provide a solid idea of what to teach a foreign language student and how to teach and deliver that lesson in real-life situations. Our TEFL course certification courses focus on both the "what" and the "how" to teach in a real classroom setting. Our TEFL qualification is dramatically different than our competition and why we have been awarded the BEST TEFL in Thailand along with a multitude of other educational awards for our teacher training.

If you would like a TEFL program in Thailand with both the needed knowledge and the earned confidence of teaching students in a real classroom, then the Entrust TEFL certification course is for you. Once you earn your TEFL Certificate with Entrust, you will be able to successfully plan to engage your students through guided, meaningful instruction that will ultimately provide your students with tremendous success.

TEFL Certification Course

$1,750 $1,450 140 hour TEFL Course (Onsite)

    TEFL Certification Course + Accommodation

    $2,250 $1,950 Airport pick-up + Training Accommodation + Excursion

      Included in the TEFL Certification Course

      Not Included in the TEFL Certification Course

      Our TEFL certification training programs are continually receiving educational awards and have received the best TEFL teacher training provider in Thailand by the Thai Ministry of Education and Teachers Council of Thailand. Entrust TEFL is one of the few Thai Ministry of Education legally licensed to train TEFL teachers in Thailand, so rest assured your TEFL certificate will be genuinely accepted by recruiters worldwide. Join the over 6,500 Entrust TEFL graduates holding our TEFL course certification currently working worldwide as ESL teachers. Our level 5 TEFL course offers 120 hours plus 20 hours of E.S.P. (English for a Specific Purpose) such as Math, Science, Business, and online teaching.

      The 140-hour TEFL course schedule takes you through fifteen units which include our award-winning teaching method and strategies. Our TEFL course certification course teaches essential teaching disciplines such as business English, teaching English online, young learners, and other fundamental skills to best prepare you to teach a variety of levels and subjects worldwide. Choose a TEFL course (or TESOL course ) that will truly prepare you to teach worldwide.

      Thai Language Lesson

      An online 40-hour Thai language lesson to start from home prior to your arrival in Thailand. Upon your arrival in Thailand, you will communicate in Thai with confidence. Learn simple to complex Thai phrases to have you speaking the local lingo in no time.

      140 hrs. In-Class TEFL Course

      Our teacher training course was awarded “The Best TEFL Provider in Thailand” by the Thai Ministry of Education. Entrust TEFL won a host of other educational awards over the years. If you’re looking for “the best TEFL qualification in Thailand” then this course is for you.

      In-Country Cultural Orientation

      Moving to a new country can be a bit daunting, especially for a first-time traveler. Our in-country orientation gives you valuable insight into the Thai cultural differences and Thai language essentials. Also, full explanations on the visa process, and work permits how it all works.

      New Teachers Starter Pack

      Along with your training material, we provide you with needed teaching equipment and simple essentials during class. You won't need to bring them yourself or buy them. (A notebook, pens, whiteboard markers, a t-shirt, a bag to put it all in, and so much more during your training course.)

      Course Books & Study Material

      Unlike some other courses, our course books and study materials are already included in the enrollment fee. You won't be asked to pay for extra books or any other course-related items during your training. We also have a library of student books, workbooks, teacher’s books, and DVD lessons for your use in your lessons.

      Two Full Days at a Real School

      The certification program includes two full days of observed teaching practice to real students of English as a second language. Classroom management on a variety of subjects and levels under the observation of our trainers. Your 20 hours of English for a specific purpose training will allow you to teach math or science in English language.

      Internationally Recognized Certificate

      Our TEFL training certificate is internationally recognized as we physically have our graduates currently working around the globe. Our accredited TEFL course certificate holds international accreditation and is also certified by the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs, making it accepted by any school or agency worldwide.

      Certified Volunteer Certificate

      The volunteer certificate is awarded for two days you spent at the school volunteering your time and hands-on teaching experience. This is a real volunteer certificate given by the local school district or school director. You will receive both your volunteer certificate and your TEFL course certification at graduation

      English Camp Management

      On the third day of our teaching practice at a real school, we conduct an English camp to have fun while speaking English. This English Camp allows us to have fun teaching through music and activities. This day is truly unforgettable and will give you valuable skills for the future.

      Ongoing Alumni Support

      Our service starts at the moment you contact us and continues through your teaching career. As an alumnus, we will also provide job placement within Thailand. Your student records such as your transcripts and TEFL course certificate will also be available.

      Organized Excursions

      Our Excursions take place on a weekend of the course to help you bond with your classmates while white water rafting, sliding down waterfalls, bathing with elephants, and visiting Buddhist Temples.

      Job Placement Guarantee

      We maintain a 100% job placement rate to find work regardless of nationality, educational status, or age. Most will have a guaranteed TEFL job before you graduate, with many starting directly after graduation from the course.

      Airfare or travel costs

      We (or the employing school) do not include flights to or from Thailand.  Nor do we include domestic flights or travel during your stay in Thailand.

      Travel Insurance

      We (or the employing school) do not include International or travel insurance. If you are a degree holder, some medical and medications may be covered as part of your employee benefits.

      Personal living expenses

      The employing school or employer will provide you a salary as per their employment contract. You will be responsible for your own living costs and management of your own funds.

      Visa and Work Permit costs

      Your employing school may help you with some costs to obtain your work permit, however, your legal status or maintaining your visa is solely your responsibility.

      Included in the Airport pick-up and Accomodation Add-on

      Our onsite TEFL teacher training course premium add-on offers you all the benefits of our award-winning, internationally-recognized TEFL certification along with unrivaled extras to ease your overall experience during your first few weeks in Thailand. The Premium Add-on allows you to simply book your tickets, pack your bags, and have things sorted for you.

      The Add-on to our TEFL course certification course provides airport pick-up, resort accommodation, and daily western breakfasts. Sit back and enjoy the excellent experience that lies ahead so you can create many fond memories as new lifelong friendships get formed in work and play during the course with the concert that most everything is covered.

      Payment Plan Option

      The payment plan option allows you to pay half of your enrollment fee prior to your arrival with the remaining amount collected over the next four months through your teaching salary. There is an extra cost for this option.

      Resort Accommodation

      Resort accommodation is provided during your training so that you have a comfortable place to sleep, an instant great group of friends to hang out with, daily western breakfasts, free Wi-Fi, and easy access to the training center.

      Airport Pick-Up

      Travelling can be stressful, so the first friendly face you see to be ours. We greet you at the airport, safely drive you to the resort, so all you have to do is just prop your feet up and relax after your long flight.

      When and where is the Onsite TEFL Course being offered?

      We have reduced our TEFL certification classes to four intakes a year during this COVID period.

      2022 - April 4th
      2022 - May 9th
      2022 - July 4th
      2022 - July 26th
      2022 - October 3rd
      2023 - July 3rd
      2023 - Oct 2nd

      2023 - January 2nd
      - April 3rd
      2023 - Dec 4th
      2024 - Jan 1st

      Temporarily closed
      due to COVID-19

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