TEFL Course Chiang Mai

TEFL Course Chiang Mai Thailand

Our Chiang Mai TEFL course training center is the most popular destination for the TEFL training course. Chiang Mai is most certainly the number one destination for students who want to truly explore Thailand in all of its beauty and authenticity while significantly reducing the effects of culture shock.

The gorgeous region of Chiang Mai lends itself beautifully to the role of introducing our TEFL students to local living. One of the main concerns for prospective students is whether or not they will feel comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. You can rest assured that as far as learning the TEFL in Thailand is concerned: Chiang Mai is an excellent place to start!

The Chiang Mai TEFL Course is located in a vibrant and bustling city as it is awe-inspiring with plenty of easy access to all of the modern conveniences of home. In the same breath, Chiang Mai will provide you with a powerful insight into the more traditional Thai lifestyle and will definitely render you feel most welcome and at ease.

Thailand’s northern capital: a city of vibrant backstreets, a cosmopolitan mixture of glamour and style, with a firmly entrenched and distinct Thai culture. Chiang Mai has an alluring charm, much likened to a vortex: once you’re sucked in, you’ll never want to leave. Chiang Mai offers the ideal blend between modern convenience and authentic Thai influence.

You can explore the magnificent temples, amble through the street markets, discover your favorite Thai restaurant, pop into a shop at the mall – all while getting your TEFL certification. Many locals are proficient in English, which makes your TEFL certification in the Chiang Mai TEFL Course so much easier. Plus, this stunning city is home to a growing number of expatriates, which lends Chiang Mai an undoubtedly multi-cultural vibe.

There are plenty of magnificent and mind-blowing temples for you to explore. If ever you’re looking to get away from the modern architectural styles of Chiang Mai and escape amidst a more natural design; you can traverse the seemingly endless and stunning countryside that lay in wait only minutes away.

Chiang Mai has a palpable spirit, formed by the symbiotic relationship between local Thai culture and the influence from its large network of expatriate residents. This is a city that truly has something for everyone, and is recognized as the vegetarian capital of Thailand. Northern cuisine differs from anywhere else in Thailand, and is typified by its love for spice and zest!

Chiang Mai is situated in the foothills of stunning national parks and gorgeous natural scenery. Doi Suthep (Chiang Mai’s crown jewel) provides a magical backdrop for a sunset that will exceed even the harshest of expectations. The 15-kilometer drive to the summit also provides an excellent opportunity to capture breathtaking views of the city, and can be a fun afternoon scoot on a sunny day!

Doi Inthanon is the highest peak in Thailand, at an elevation of 2,565 meters. Easily accessible on a scooter, and only 3 hours away, the Natural Park offers camping facilities, a host of amazing walking trails, beautiful waterfalls, and an opportunity to explore the local flora and fauna. In addition, a day trip to Chiang Rai is also extremely easy from Chiang Mai – with the White Temple something not to be missed.

Who is the Chiang Mai TEFL Course training location for?

Chiang Mai is known for its unique Lana culture, music, and art. These truly unique characters create a nice warm vibe to the city. Chiang Mai is also for someone that may want the convenience of western stores, movie theaters, fitness centers, and access to popular western restaurant chains. During their first few weeks in Thailand to ease into their new Thai home throughout the three weeks at the training center.

If you are looking for teaching English jobs in Chiang Mai, there are plenty of private schools looking for English teachers. International schools in Chiang Mai attract native speakers looking to live in Chiang Mai because of its low cost of living.

  • You are more interested in Thai culture, music, art, the mountains and enjoy nature, or
  • You may want to go ice skating, bungee jumping, paintballing, or mountain biking, or
  • You want to shop in huge western malls that offer every convenience, or
  • You may want to sit in the Thai street market taking in all the awesomeness of Chiang Mai.


TEFL Course Chiang Mai offers you boundless thriving Thai street markets to explore where you can discover a wealth of exotic and authentic Thai food to feast on. If ever you find that you’re feeling a little homesick you can visit one of the many modern malls for a taste of nostalgia with a Western-style takeaway!

Entrust TEFL’s Chiang Mai training center is conveniently located within walking distance of the large, six-floor Central Festival Mall. While you will surely have an amazing time during the learning process, lunchtime will always be welcome due to the vast array of local street vendors and restaurants that provide a great number of delicious and exotic meals for you to choose from. Don’t panic if you’re not the most adventurous of eaters as there are numerous Western-style food joints scattered throughout the city!

The walking markets each offer their own individual flare. There is a labyrinth of food and souvenir vendors, mixed with a dynamic array of “everything in between”. While you’re exploring the markets, grab a freshly blended watermelon shake to compliment mango sticky rice – two things that are distinctly Northern Thai.

Remember that Chiang Mai is home to our TEFL staff and they are always eager to share their advice and experiences and offer their guidance to our students. We will not only give you the tools to succeed in a teaching environment but we will also do everything in our power to make you feel comfortable and as though at home.

Chiang Mai TEFL student by day; adventurous party animal by night!

Teaching English as a foreign language abroad isn’t all about work, work, work. In fact, by learning in Chiang Mai you will be able to truly immerse yourself in an exciting and irrefutably gorgeous environment with so much to see and do!

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Night life

Chiang Mai TEFL student by day; adventurous party animal by night!

Thailand is known as the “land of 1,000 smiles” and it is so easy to become friends with local Thai residents. You will find yourself frequenting the same restaurants, street vendors, and bars as your relationships develop and strengthen over time.

It is not uncommon to spend hours together: enjoying each other’s company while sharing food and beverages. Not only is it easy to create a network of local friends, but it is also a great opportunity to learn the Thai language, as you provide your Thai friend with the opportunity to use conversational English.

There are also many bars and clubs scattered around the old city to let your hair down after a long week of training. The nightlife certainly caters to the expatriate community of Chiang Mai with a blend of chilled-out reggae bars to full-blown party regions!

TEFL Course Chiang Mai

And yes of course there will be a lot of hard work though not without reward. At the end of your course, you will be a fully certified TEFL teacher with guaranteed placement, however, in the meantime, you can let your hair down and enjoy the enchanting nightlife that Chiang Mai has to offer. This magnificent city is famous for its colorful festivals and bustling street markets so there will surely be something new and exciting for you to experience every single day!

Training Accommodation

Entrust TEFL has carefully selected our accommodations to suit the needs of our new teachers as we strive to provide convenience, comfort, and fun. The suggested Chiang Mai accommodation is within walking distance of our training facilities and the city center.

Kavil Guest house

(Suggested TEFL Accommodation)

An exclusive guest house nestled in a quiet soi in the old city of Chiang Mai. This prime location is just a two-minute walk to famous night spots like Zoe in Yellow (video above), the Sunday walking market (video above), or the main entrance to the old city of Chiang Mai, Tha Phae gate.

Local points of interest like the fourteenth-century temple Chedi Luang, the Three Kings monument, and Chang Puak gate are all reachable by foot with the rest of the city is at your feet.

Chiang Mai International Airport is 3.1 mi away from the guest house, all rooms come with a desk. With a private bathroom equipped with a shower and free toiletries, rooms at Kavil Guest House also boast a mountain view. A kitchen is also available to long-stay guests.


Accommodation Airport pick-up

Our Entrust TEFL Staff is there for you every step of the way. Have the confidence in knowing that the first friendly face you see will be one of ours. Either a member of our TEFL staff and or support staff will collect and assist you with your resort check-in.

It also gives you the fastest route to a comfy bed and shower. The transportation from the airport to the resort takes about 15 minutes.

Airport pick-up steps?

  • Provide us your arrival information so that we can collect you
  • Meet our service staff at Starbucks Coffee (Domestic arrival area)
  • Once everyone is accounted for, hop on our vans to Eco Resort

Training Center

Entrust TEFL’s Chiang Mai TEFL Course training center boasts monthly course dates and three modern classrooms located in a new four-story building. Its location is ideal because it’s within easy access to the city center and within walking distance to Central Festival Mall so getting a bite to eat is super easy. There are so many local restaurants and reputable street vendors that you may find yourself wishing your appetite was bigger!

This city is home to our staff, so they’ll be able to point you in the direction of anything you may need. During your training, your will have observed teaching practices to valuable teaching skills for teaching in Thailand. Teaching English in Chiang Mai and your teaching experience will allow you to teach abroad with ease.

Jungle Excursion

If you’ve selected the TEFL Certification package, then our excursions are included in the package price at no additional cost. And if you’ve opted for the TEFL Certification Course, then you’re still welcome to join us – just let us know, and can book a space for you.

You can’t miss out on the breath-taking experience of bathing with stunning and enormous elephants, or white water rafting down the picturesque Mae Tang River – all of this with a group of fellow students who will certainly become good friends. We do this all of the time and we still love it so it is definitely worth checking out!

Our numerous years in Thailand and our involvement with our students means that we know precisely where to take you so you get the most out of your Chiang Mai. The TEFL Course and we only take you to Eco-friendly tours that we have personally approved that are designed to acquaint you with the excellence of Thailand. Loosen up after your first week of TEFL training and permit you to become more acquainted with the other students in a fun-pressed environment.

This exciting district is conveniently positioned with many wonderful and exotic things to see and do. Boasting luscious, green mountainous landscapes it feels like something out of a storybook.

For the adventurous at heart, our Jungle Trekking package has been recognized as one of the unmissable highlights of our program.

Butterfly Orchid Farm

At a butterfly farm, you will have the opportunity to walk among thousands of wonderful creatures and bask in the natural beauty of the local flora of the butterfly orchid farm.

Local Hill Tribe Market

The local hill market will provide an opportunity to observe the daily dynamics of local trade as well as pick up some delicious snacks.


Waterfall Hike

After visiting the local hill tribe market and stocked up on goodies we head to the waterfall to bathe in its pools and slide down the natural slide immersing ourselves in its crystal crisp waters.

Elephant Rescue Sanctuary

The excursion on a high note – literally. We will visit a local Elephant rescue sanctuary to get up close and personal with these amazing and gracious animals. You will get the opportunity to bathe and frolic with these gentle giants, who are revered in Thai culture as mystical animals– arguably the most exciting and unforgettable activity of all!

White Water Rafting

After lunch, the adventure begins! We head up the Mae Tang River, where white-water rafting awaits! Once we arrive we sit through our informative and hilarious safety briefing before we are able to board our white water rafts to float down the river together and observe local river communities and splash about in the rapids.

When do the Chiang Mai TEFL Course Jungle Excursions take place?

Teacher Recruitment Thailand

Thai Cultural Immersion included in the TEFL certification course

If you’d really like to grow into an effective TEFL teacher and be able to better connect with your students and the Thai locals while enriching your understanding of the Thai culture; then you will most certainly benefit from our Thai immersion trips. Much like our excursions, these Thai immersion trips are packed with plenty of fun and fascination as they will give you an initial peek into the heart and soul of Thai culture and their way of life.

This aspect of our course is vital if you desire a solid foundation for understanding what makes Thai people tick. The Thai Cultural immersion trips are also jokingly called our weight loss portion of the course as there is quite a bit of walking and steps for you to climb.

Our Cultural Immersion trips will provide you with an opportunity to connect with your fellow students and instructors on a more personable level while harnessing an understanding of the uniqueness of Thai culture. Our cultural immersion trip will take us to the summit of Doi Suthep: where we will visit and learn about local hill tribes and explore the Long Neck museum.

While at Doi Suthep National Park, we will visit the Buddhist temple of Wat Phra That – which has been an active monetary since 1383. We will also visit the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and Royal Residence, as well as Bhubing Palace, which is the winter residence of the royal family.

Packed with as much fun and interest as our excursion days, we’ve designed these trips to give you an initial peek into the heart of Thai culture. In our experience, this aspect is crucial if you want a solid framework for understanding the Thai people.

Hmong Hill Tribe

We visit the village of the Hmong hill tribe and the Hill Tribe/Long Neck museum. This stop will provide you with an insight into the history of the Hill Tribes in and around Thailand. 


Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden

Finally, we visit the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and Royal Residence, on top of the Bhubing Palace as well, which is the winter residence of the royal family.  


Doi Suthep Temple

 While at Doi Suthep National Park we pay a visit to the renowned Wat Phra That; this is a Theravada Buddhist temple that is located near the top of Mount Suthep. It was built as a monastery in 1383 and to this day is still a working monastery.               

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