TEFL course for couples

Traveling Couples Teaching Together in Thailand

TEFL course for couples. Spouses, partners and BFFs have found a wonderful way to travel and work in together teaching English in Thailand. The Kingdom's 2016 Best TEFL Award winning Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) program EntrustTEFL now guarantees job placement in the same school for couples who sign up together.

“We have about four sets of couples come through our course every month,” said Entrust TEFL’s Placement Director Neung McNaughton. “It’s easy to find jobs for couples who want to work together in Thai schools because there are so many openings for Native-English speakers who want to teach.”

This boom for English teachers began in 2005 when the Thai government announced a mandate to teach English in all government schools. Jobs for Native-English speakers became plentiful as schools realized that the best way to teach English is to immerse students in courses with teachers who cannot speak Thai.

TEFL course for couples who teach in Thailand enjoy ample opportunity to travel throughout Southeast Asia. School calendars offer plenty of time off and airfares from Thailand to neighboring countries are surprisingly affordable. Many couples start out teaching in Thailand, but then move to other countries that recognize their TEFL certifications, such as China, Costa Rica, and Vietnam.

Thailand is a popular destination for world travelers because of its beauty, its friendly people, it’s world class cuisine. EntrustTEFL offers courses in the mountainous jungles of Chiang Mai, and the breathtaking beaches of Krabi.

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