Krabi TEFL Course

TEFL Cerification Course Krabi Thailand

The Krabi TEFL Course training location is arguably one of the most spectacularly beautiful places on earth and if and when you experience it for yourself you will learn that that is by no means an exaggeration. The clear blue sea waters that line over 200 tropical islands that are edged with white-sand beaches; Krabi truly is a place that you will never forget in your lifetime which makes it the perfect location for you to take your Krabi TEFL certification course and begin your adventure!

The stunning region is home to an accommodating population of laid-back, friendly folk and all manner of equally interesting and wonderful sea creatures. There are scores of charming and colorful birds that scatter throughout the beautiful blue skies – Why waste your time on Twitter when you can lounge around in paradise and experience a birdsong worth listening to.

The TEFL certification course Krabi teacher training location is surrounded by incredible karst peaks and modern teaching facilities, Krabi offers a learning experience unlike any other. The town is situated in the Southern Island region of Thailand: with access to more than 200 tropical islands, crystal clear sea waters, and gorgeous beaches right on your doorstep. The Andaman Sea is an oasis for adventure, with snorkeling, scuba diving, rock climbing, and deep-sea fishing among a host of other activities for you to explore.

Krabi is renowned for its relaxed cultural attitude. The locals are friendly and extremely accommodating, and due to its status as a “hidden gem” of Thailand, you won’t be hassled on the streets, as you might in Phuket, Samui or Bangkok.

Ao Nang is only a short distance from Krabi Town and offers visitors an amazingly vibrant city overlooking the sea, hidden in the shadows of karst limestone peaks and sunny beaches. The city is a tourism hub, with the recent surge of development meaning that the city is easily navigated and accommodation is cheap and readily available. Scuba diving, snorkeling, mangrove tours, and kitesurfing activities are easily accessible, as are the many local islands that dot the horizon.

Phi Phi islands or James bond Island in Phang-nga are also a short distance from Krabi town – and offer a retreat for those in need of an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Krabi town. The Krabi TEFL certification is a favorite for couples looking to teach in Krabi or nationwide. These insanely gorgeous islands are recognized as Thailand’s Shangri-La: where if you can escape the tourists, on snow-white beaches and untouched beauty awaits you. You will be greeted by a range from top-end resort-style accommodation, to sleeping out in bungalows!

Not many people are fortunate enough to be able to explore such an incredibly wondrous place that is rich with history and natural authenticity. It is here that you can truly get stuck into a comprehensive TEFL course Krabi and work hard toward your certification while being able to look forward to a sunset snorkeling trip at the end of the day. TEFL certification Krabi course is a favorite training location for our graduates.  Teaching English as a foreign language and teaching practices will make you a great TEFL teacher.

TEFL course Krabi

Who is the Krabi TEFL Course training location for?

The TEFL training course Krabi center is for someone that loves white sandy beaches and tropical islands to explore when not in our TEFL training center. Teaching English as a foreign language course will provide the needed teaching experience to provide you with job placement anywhere in the world. The Krabi TEFL program will allow you to have hands-on teaching practices in Krabi Thailand.

TEFL courses in Thailand mostly only accept native English speakers and holders of bachelor's degrees, but at Entrust we accept both degree and non-degree holders. Obtaining TEFL or TESOL certificate will allow you to become a TEFL teacher in Thailand.

  • You are more interested in beaches and crystal clear waters than western convenience,
  • You may want to go cliff diving, snorkeling, or explore nearby tropical islands, or
  • You want to get right into Thai culture and Thai food rather than ease into it, or
  • You may want to sit on a white sandy beach and watch the sunset every night.

Krabi TEFL course Shopping

The Krabi TEFL Course night markets provide a pulsating atmosphere, with amazing opportunities to meet locals and try out the local cuisines. Again, the atmosphere is relaxed and travelers are treated to a host of different shopping options: from handicrafts, clothing, jewelry, souvenirs, local produce or incredible food options and live entertainment.

These night markets are alternate their opening times; Monday-Wednesday 17:00 – 22:00 / Friday – Sunday 17:00 – 22:00, and if you are looking for seafood, then head to Chao Fa Pier market open Monday – Sunday 18:00 – midnight.

Day markets are also a large part of the culture and are only a short walk away from our training center/accommodation. Here, you’ll have access to a host of fresh local fruit options, as well as delicious open market food vendors. If you’re looking for a nice watermelon (or any other type of shake) for lunch then this is the place.

The Vogue shopping center provides some western food chains such as KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), the Pizza Company, and Swenson’s Ice Cream along with clothing shops. If you are looking for more western food then head to Ao Nang Beach a short 20 minutes away.



The nightlife also offers something for everyone: from chilled-out reggae bars to full swing nightclubs to keep the vibes flowing through the weekends. There are no shortages of options to explore throughout the weekends in Krabi Town, and if the city itself does not satisfy your urge to boogie down, then Ao Nang is only a short 20-minute ride away from the Krabi TEFL course.

As mentioned, Ao Nang is highly developed and tourist-centric – so the nightlife is booming with activity long into the night. Grab a group of friends, find a cheap hostel, and rock until you literally drop in either one of these two wonderful locations for this TEFL certification Krabi course.

Krabi TEFL course Training Accommodation

Entrust TEFL has carefully selected our accommodations to suit the needs of our new teachers as we strive to provide convenience, comfort, and fun. The TEFL certification Krabi Premium accommodation is within walking distance of our training facilities as well as the city Center.


Grand Mansion Hotel

(Premium Accommodation)

Our Premium accommodation at The Grand Mansion is a wonderful experience and within a short walk to the training area. Grand mansion will be collecting you from the airport and checking you into the hotel. The rooms overlook the Krabi river and beautiful limestone cliffs where you can explore an old Japanese garrison from world war two. The staff is extremely welcoming, and you will feel like part of the family from the first moment you arrive.

Quick Facts:
Shared rooms
Daily Breakfast
No Website URL


Apo Hotel & Coffeehouse

(Alternate Accommodation only)

The Apo Hotel & Coffeehouse is located a mere 20 meters directly across from the Krabi training facility. The Apo Hotel is often used to supply our Premium participants with their daily western breakfasts before they head over to the training area for a full day of training. Apo Hotel is both a family-ordinated and upscale hotel with modern clean rooms right in the heart of Krabi town. Apo has many standard extras that will make your life easier such as its own laundry service and currency exchange.

Quick Facts:
Non – Shared rooms
Daily Breakfast
Apo Hotel URL


Krabi Orchid Hometel

(Alternate Accommodation only)

The Krabi Orchid Hometel is situated directly across the street from the Krabi training center. The accommodation is also just a two-minute walk to the Vogue Shopping center and popular day and night markets. The hotel is set on top of its own popular western / Thai restaurant, which caters to primary westerners as it is one of the few restaurants that will provide a full American or British Breakfast. The staff are friendly and always happy to help from the time you arrive.

Quick Facts:
Shared rooms
Daily Breakfast
Krabi Orchid HomTel URL

TEFL Course Krabi Accommodation Airport pick-up

TEFL Course Krabi

Our Entrust TEFL Staff is there for you every step of the way. Have the confidence in knowing that the first friendly face you see will be one of ours.

Either a member of our TEFL staff and or Grand mansion staff will collect and assist you with your check-in. It also gives you the fastest route to a comfy bed and shower. The transportation from the airport to the resort takes about 15 minutes.

Airport pick-up steps?

  • Provide us with your arrival information so that we can collect you.
  • Meet our service staff or Grand Mansion driver at your gate.
  • Once everyone is accounted for, hop on to their van to Grand Mansion.

Training Center

Our TEFL Krabi centralized facilities offer a great balance of modern amenities and immersion into local Thai culture. Circled by a labyrinth of day/night markets as well as street vendors and Western restaurants – there is literally something to cater to everyone’s taste.

Our training center provides a fantastic learning environment, maximizing student potential for growth and development. The facilities are modern and accessible via a 10-minute walk from The Grand Mansion. Along the way, you will pass many, many food vendors, street markets, and upscale restaurants to visit after a hard day of training.

Island hopping Excursion

Our Island hopping excursion will offer a chance to relax catch some rays, among many of the incredible beaches and tropical islands surrounding Krabi Town via a chartered long-tail boat. If the time and weather permitting, we will get the opportunity to visit 4 local islands and soak up the atmosphere of stunning natural beauty and local ways of life.

Railay beach is generally the highlight – so don’t forget your Frisbee, football, or sunscreen – as you frolic amongst the waves and amazing natural surroundings. For the adventurous spirits, snorkeling is also offered and is a fun climax to the cultural experience before heading back home to Krabi.

From the training location in Krabi, we first head down to the water which is a short three-minute walk, where we hop on board a boat that will take us on the world-famous Four Island Trip. As we rent out our own captain and boat we are able to customize this day trip to suit you and explore the four islands closest to the training center. Then we have lunch and enjoy swimming around, snorkeling, and admiring the stunning marine life!

The order on these island visits depends on the captain and we also try to stay away from the crowds, however, these are the stunning places we have picked out for you during the Island hopping day to welcome you to Krabi.

Koh Gai Island

Koh Gai Island (Or Chicken Island) is shaped like a chicken and is coincidentally one of the most regularly photographed Islands in the Andaman Ocean, then

Koh Mor Island

Koh Mor Island and Tub Islands are both connected via a small stretch of white, sandy beach that is only visible during the low tide when you can comfortably stroll from one island to the other, then

Koh Poda Island

Koh Poda Island is a stunning and mystic island that is simply a must-see! , then


Railay Beach

Railay Beach is renowned for its impressive and unrivaled natural beauty and will literally take your breath away!


Koh Tub Island

Koh Tub Island boasts white, sandy beaches and clear warm waters for you to enjoy, then


Phra Nang Cave

Phra Nang Cave is a stunning location that happens to be a sacred place amongst the local sea-gypsies in the area, then



Thai Cultural immersion

While Krabi is not quite the same cultural center as the Chiang Mai TEFL course, it still offers much with regard to understanding the history of Thailand. The Thai culture trip is certainly not for the light-hearted. Our day involves a 1,237 step hike up the 600-meter karst peak of Tiger Temple.

At some points, you will be literally crawling up the stone staircase, carved out of the side of the mountain! Face contact with monkeys in their natural habitat, golden Buddha statues, and spectacular views of the surrounding province and oceans will be your reward on a clear day. We then head to the emerald pools and hot stream falls to soak our bodies after the Tiger temple climb.

Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple, which is high on a limestone peak overlooking Krabi and dozens of islands, but do not worry there aren’t any actual tigers there.


Emerald Pools

The Emerald Pool is filled with underwater natural springs and other natural freshwater streams that run into it which offers a nice cool swim.


Hot Streams

The Hot springs and natural made bathtub shaped pools are caused by running water from thermal springs. If you get too hot just take a dip in the natural cool water spring nearby.

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