Thai immersion trips

Our Thai immersion trips introduce you to the heart of Thai culture

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If you truly want to be effective as a TEFL teacher, connect with your students and the locals around you, and enrich your understanding of what makes the Thai people unique, then you’ll want to be first in line for our Thai immersion trips.

Packed with as much fun and interest as our excursion days, we’ve designed these trips to give you an initial peek into the heart of Thai culture. In our experience, this aspect is crucial if you want a solid framework for understanding the Thai people. We place such a high value on the immersion trips that we’ve included them in our packages. And, if you’ve selected an Intensive package but would still like to join your fellow students, it’s not too late – just let us know and we’ll stay in touch with additional costs and other arrangements.

When do the Thai immersion trips take place?

The cultural immersion trips take place on the second Saturday of the month. We leave our facilities at 10:00AM and return around 5:00PM.

Chiang Mai immersion trips include:

  • First, we head to the mountains of Doi Suthep. These mountains are visible from the city and lie about 15km to the northwest.
  • We visit the village of the Hmong hill tribe and the Hill Tribe/Long Neck museum. This stop provides a history of the Hill Tribes in and around Thailand
  • While at Doi Suthep National Park, we visit the infamous Wat Phra That, which is a Theravada Buddhist temple located near the top of Mount Suthep. Built as a monastery in 1383, it is still a working monastery today.
  • Next we visit the Queen Sirikit Botanical Garden and Royal Residence, as well as Bhubing Palace, which is the winter residence of the royal family.
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Krabi immersion trips include:

  • Although Krabi is not the same cultural center as Chiang Mai, it nevertheless offers much in the way of understanding the history of Thailand. Our immersion trip takes us by boat to the Hong islands to see the beautiful lagoon with its white sandy beache to do some swimming and snorkeling.
  • Then to Lading Island to hike and climb up the rock formations for some truly amazing views of over 100 islands or just lay on the beach.
  • Then to Pakbia Island to explore the labyrinth of caves and sheer cliffs to jump into turquoise blue waters filled with tropical fish. This is also a great place to relax on the beach shaded by trees.
  • Then to Daeng Island to snorkel around the coral reef famous for it’s clarity and underwater visibility off the boat as Daeng Island does not have beach.