Thai Excursions Trips

Our Thai excursion trips introduce you to the heart of Thailand.

Join our excursions, explore Thailand

Our many years in Thailand and our experience with students mean that we know exactly where to take you so that you get the most out of your TEFL course. Our Chiang Mai and Krabi excursions are intended to introduce you to the beauty of Thailand, let you unwind after your first week of TEFL training and allow you to get to know your fellow students in a fun-packed environment.

If you’ve selected the Premium package, then our excursions are included in the package price at no additional cost. And if you’ve opted for one of our other packages, then you’re still welcome to join us – just let us know. Because there’s nothing that rivals the experience of bathing with enormous elephants, white water rafting down the Mae Tang River or taking the Four Island Boat Tour in Tropical Krabi – all in the company of others who will quickly become good friends. Trust us, we know: we’ve done this countless times and we still love it!

When do the excursions take place?

Our excursions are always scheduled on the first Saturday of each month. We usually depart at 8:30AM and return around 6:00PM regardless of the Chiang Mai or Krabi training locations.

Chiang Mai Excursions Trips include:

From our Training facilities in Chiang Mai we head to Mae Rim, which is the name of a district in the central part of the province. This district is uniquely positioned with many exciting and exotic things to do. Hilly and lush, this region feels like something out of a story book.

  • Our first stop is at an orchid and butterfly farm, where we’ll walk amongst the most spectacular specimens you’ve seen and learn a thing or two about these flowers and butterflys.
  • Next, we’ll visit stop at a local hill market to buy fresh fruit, water and snacks for the day.
  • A hike to a waterfall is next on the list, but this waterfall isn’t your typical waterfall. We’ll slide down this one and swim in the pools around it.
  • Lunch – a must with all the outdoor activity!
  • After lunch we head to the Mae Tang River, where we’ll do some white water rafting for those who are more bold and bamboo rafting for the more relaxed. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for bird and animal life.
  • We end on a high note – literally! You’ll climb onto an elephant and trek through the jungle to the river, where you are able to bathe and frolic with these immense creatures. Students tell us this is experience is top on the list.
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Krabi Excursion Trips include:

From our location in Krabi, we head down to the water (just a short 3 minute walk from our training center) where we board a boat that’ll take us to the famous Four Island Trip. We rent our own boat and captain, so we are able to customize this popular day trip to explore the four islands that are closest to our training center. Lunch, and plenty of swimming and snorkeling in the blue waters make this excursion top on the list for any beach-sun-water loving person.

  • Koh Gai Island is named Chicken Island because it is shaped like a chicken and is one of the most photograph Islands in the Andaman sea.
  • Koh Poda Island a mystic sight to see and seems that every post card has it’s likeness.
  • Koh Tub Island is has white sandy beaches with lots of snorkeling or just bathe in the warm crystal clear waters
  • Koh Mor Island and Tub Islands are connected by a stretch of white sandy beach which in only visible during low tide to walk from on island to the other.
  • Phra Nang Cave which has many stalactites and stalagmites is a sacred placed to the sea gypsies in the area.
  • Railay Beach famous for this sheer natural beauty which will take your breath away