What does it mean to be a quality TEFL course in Thailand?

How do you choose the right TEFL Program? How are they different? Aren’t they all the same?

Well, not quite. In places like the United States, we have regulation entities like the Better Business Bureau to ensure high ethical standards are met for business conduct. In Thailand, the playing field is quite different, especially when it comes to TEFL teaching and training.

There is currently no “license” or “approval” given by the Thai Ministry of Education for TEFL / TESOL providers in Thailand.

The reason being is that generally TEFL companies consist of foreigners teaching foreigners and as there are no Thai nationals involved in this process, the Ministry does not license them. Most TEFL companies claiming to be licensed by The Ministry of Education often partner with a local language school of which the license is in the name of the language school, not the TEFL company. Entrust TEFL is paving the way for TEFL companies by first being recognized by the Thailand Ministry of Education as a quality TEFL provider.

Our courses were awarded the First EVER, “Best TEFL Provider Award,” by the Ministry of Education in 2016.

In fact, the Ministry indicated that they will be using our course curriculum and materials to begin the implementation of a licensing system for other TEFL companies in Thailand. This is super exciting for us here at Entrust TEFL because we believe there should be a set level of qualifications on being a TEFL provider which all companies need to meet. We were also granted the Secondary Education Award for outstanding performance as a secondary education provider.

Part of what brought us this award is that co-owner and placement director, Neung McNaughton has played a huge role in the education of TEFL to the Ministry of Education. Neung has worked closely with the Ministry to explain what TEFL is, which has all been a first in the TEFL Industry. Due to a lack of regulations, most TEFL companies are not required to work with the government or immigration. Therefore, to this point, TEFL companies and the Thai government have been essentially disconnected.

A Little bit more on our course curriculum

Not only does our course curriculum cover everything you could need to be a TEFL teacher, we make sure to interweave essential Thai cultural lessons throughout our course. In order to be most successful, we believe it's important to understand and learn the culture you'll be living in. We plan trips and cultural activities which change each month, depending on the atmosphere in Thailand. Thailand is the Kingdom of Smiles, and they have a plethora of holidays throughout the year. These holidays provide easy access to learn and understand more about the culture, especially with our help and explanation. You can learn more about Thai festivals here. 

Read about our full course curriculum here.

We are excited to see the playing fields level in Thailand in terms of TEFL companies because we anticipate the quality of TEFL courses to improve. Many TEFL companies in Thailand, don’t have any type of licensing, physical address or pay taxes. But the Ministry is in the works to change all that so that all companies are complying with certain requirements.

This is an exciting time for aspiring or seasoned TEFL teachers because you can be part of the initiation and growth of the TEFL industry within Thailand.

This leaves much room for opportunity and growth for new teachers and is a great reason to come start teaching today and be part of this evolutionary period in TEFL teaching.

You can learn more about the Thai education system here.

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