Why should I choose Entrust TEFL

Why should I choose Entrust TEFL?

Why should I choose Entrust TEFL?

Why should I choose Entrust TEFL. Making the decision to leave home and teach English abroad or simply just to travel and work abroad can be somewhat daunting. There are so many agencies who claim to know it all. There is certainly no shortage of TEFL courses abroad either.

So why Entrust TEFL?

At first, you may choose to teach English in Thailand but after some time you may feel the urge to travel and explore other countries. Wouldn’t it then make more sense to earn a qualification that is recognized globally? You can travel to any country of your choice and you will be a certified TEFL Teacher holding a recognized qualification. Entrust TEFL is a globally recognized course which means you are now completely free to choose where in the world you wish to travel and teach.

Wouldn’t it also make you all the more confident to know that Entrust TEFL is the highest quality TEFL course in Thailand? In fact, Entrust TEFL was awarded as the No1 TEFL provider in Thailand by the Thai Ministry of Education. This is because Entrust TEFL produces the highest quality teachers in Thailand who are not only professional, fun, innovative, and knowledgeable but are also a massive contribution to the development of English in Thailand. The need for English teachers in Thailand is exponential, but even more so is the need for efficient and competent educators. That is why Entrust TEFL is the No1 option to guarantee a successful teaching career in Thailand.

It does not matter what background you come from or whether or not you have had any teaching experience before. It does not matter whether or not you hold a degree. All that matters is that you have a passion to experience new cultures and make a difference in the world. It does not matter that you may even be a rather shy person who finds it difficult to stand up and talk in front of many people. The Entrust TEFL course is expertly designed to guide you out of any fears you may have and mold you from scratch into an outstanding, innovative and confident teacher! This course will groom you into the person you have always dreamed of becoming and will expand your confidence as well as your horizons immensely. You will come to realize the only thing that may have been holding you back was fear itself and that fear no longer has a hold on you. You will come to realize that you are the captain of your ship and the architect of your destiny. A whole new world of beauty and possibility will open up for you and you will feel, possibly for the first time, what it is like to be an inspiration and valued teacher to others.

Entrust TEFL offers expert in-class training. The course is designed by teaching and training professionals who have years of teaching experience throughout Asia. The course prepares you practically for a real-life teaching experience so that you are groomed in real teaching scenarios.

There is a peer-to-peer role play as well as peer-to-peer evaluation so that each student experiences playing the role of the student and the teacher and has the opportunity to develop and create positive critique and assessment strategies.

Entrust TEFL also gives its students the opportunity to teach actual Thai students during their Teacher Observation and Practice, as well as cultural training to assist students to integrate into the Thai culture

During the course, Entrust TEFL teaches their students to do extra lessons and earn extra money once they start their employment at their school!

Entrust TEFL offers support throughout the course as well as after the course and creates a fun and social learning ethos. There are social activities outside of class time that is a great bonding experience for everyone involved because at Entrust TEFL having fun is just as important as all the hard work. Thailand has a vibrant and festive nightlife that will make any newcomer feel relaxed and jovial and by the end of the course, classmates are generally the best of friends and have many interesting stories to tell friends and family back home.

At the end of the course, there is no need to worry about whether or not you will find employment, so far Entrust TEFL has placed over 6500 graduates in teaching positions all over Thailand. Entrust TEFL will not only place you in your first teaching position but will be by your side for as long as you wish and if you are not happy in one particular position and would prefer to move somewhere else they will gladly find you another position. They are always there for help, guidance, and assistance.

Once an Entrust graduate, always an Entrust family member.

Entrust TEFL is a Premium All-Inclusive Course offering the following:

  • Airport pick up
  • Accommodation
  • Fun excursions which include jungle trips as well as cultural tours
  • Guaranteed Placement after completion of the course
  • Assistance with visa documents

There are two training centers available:

  • Chiang Mai – Known as the ‘Northern Jewel’ in the North of Thailand
  • Krabi – Situated in the South of Thailand amongst the beautiful beaches and islands

The value of this course is understated in words. The only possible way to experience this and gain from this is to book your flights and do it!

As you have been reading this either your intuition has been telling you ‘no’ or it has been screaming ‘YES’! If you follow your intuition not only do you gain a globally recognized qualification, get to travel to one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world but also you get to make a positive difference in a foreign country by teaching Thai people a language they are yearning to learn. You are their hope for better and broader opportunities and the value you will add to their lives is a reward on its own.

What are you waiting for!

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