You’re Never Alone while Teaching in Thailand

There are a large number of foreigners teaching English in Thailand at any time, and these form a vital network of support.  That is, in addition to the assistance provided by your tutors, for those of you on your first foray into this worthwhile occupation.

Available on the various media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Meetup and so forth, there are a number of worthwhile groups such as:

  • Foreign Teachers in Thailand
  • Teachers in Thailand
  • Chiang Mai English Teachers
  • Bangkok Expat Teachers

Among many others, these groups are on hand to offer guidance and advice, and experienced English teachers will no doubt take you under their wing when you arrive at your post.

Keeping in touch by means of social networks these groups are able to arrange get-togethers, swap stories, and provide guidance to anyone working or volunteering in Thailand.  You will at some time during your career need a sympathetic ear and a guiding hand, so get in touch with one of these networks as soon as possible.

For starters, you can use the experiences of others as a sounding board when looking for accommodation, directions, or things to do in your spare time.  You will also be able to arrange meetings with groups of fellow expats teaching in Thailand and enjoy numerous experiences together.

Many a lifelong friendship has been forged in this way and at the very least; you will have a lot of fun hanging around with your peers during your time in Thailand.

Job opportunities, visa updates, apartments up for rental and social events are also broadcast by means of these support groups.

You will find your new and extended family in Thailand as follows:
Foreign Teachers Network
Thailand Foreign English Teachers Network Group

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